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Favorite Blogs & Forums

Saint C, one of my readers, asked for links to other blogs or forums I like to visit. Being the nice guy I am, and because it is easy to do this, I am including this page listing some of my favorite blogs and forums.


Toy Demon Blog - I write some reviews for them, but their blog is not only about sex toys. They have interesting news and comments related to the world of Japanese and Asian sexual culture. - Lots of sexy photos of celebrities, links to videos, and funny pictures. They also have a forum where you can post additional material or comment on the blog.

Sex Toy Society - Reviews and comparison of different sex toys. Most of the information is about female sex toys, but more and more male sex toys had been showing up, so it is a cool place to look around.

The PowerHouse Blog - If you want to know anything about Fleshlights, you HAVE TO GO THERE! The PowerHouse has maybe all the Fleshlight models produced in the last 5 years and he has the most detailed evaluations of each and every of those textures. 

My Silent Partners - This is an excellent photo blog by MexDollLover, a member of the TDF. If you want to see tasteful, artistic photos of silicone dolls, this is the best place on the web.


Fleshlight Forum - A forum for discussing everything related to Fleshlights. Operated by ILF.

The Doll Forum - My favorite forum related to sex dolls. Great place to learn about the different dolls around, where to buy them, and how to keep and repair them. All types of fuck dolls are welcomed in the forum - inflatables, plushies, foamies, silicone,  mannequins, and even home-made. I blame these guys for my collection of dolls...

Our Doll Community - Another good sex doll forum. It has slightly less traffic than TDF, but just as good information and resources. 

I Masturbate - A forum dedicated to the art of masturbation. Although the forum is open to both males and females, it is a sausage fest. Too many dick shots for my taste, but the threads often give good ideas to beat up the little guy in different ways.

Toy Demon Forum - Discussion about products sold by Toy Demon. As always expect more than just the toys, there is a cool community hanging there!


Masturbator 101 - If you are new to the world of male sex toys, this website should be your first stop. They discuss the basics on masturbators, lubricants, taking care of toys, and even dolls. It is kept by the guys from QueenCat Toys, so you will find reviews of their products here. - I still don't understand the cosplay culture, but I have no problem with hot, young women barely dressed in spandex, leather, or body paint. Lots of cosplay photos, most SFW. - Collection of photos of naked women. Nothing else there... - Another website full of inspirational photos of poor girls. They are so poor, they cannot afford clothes! ;)

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