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Where to buy this stuff? (UPDATED)

A few days ago I got a question from reader Barny ardpimp in relation to my favorite toys list. His  question was simple: "I like your list but where the heck are you buying these toys?"

Well Barny (and any other reader with the same question), these are the places I normally buy my toys from. If there is any exclusive line to these stores, I will write which products are exclusive to that store.


Although Fleshlights are available in the majority of sex toys retailers, I prefer to buy my Fleshlights from the source: 

Why? Very simple: signature textures are only available through their website. You can buy the FL Girls vaginas everywhere, but you will get the standard Lotus texture. If you want the crazy signature textures,  is the place to go. Also, you avoid being ripped off with copies, they have exclusive special offers, and great customer service. In addition, by clicking on the links on this page, you help ME to earn a small commission to keep this blog and website running. It's a win-win if you plan to build a collection.

Perks: Free shipping for orders above $60 (continental USA only) , special sales for Facebook and Twitter followers, blog offers, user forum.

Shipping: UPS 

Japanese toys

I buy most of my Japanese toys from two US retailers: and

Why? ToyDemon is the big kahuna for Japanese sex toys and movies in the United States. They bring products from all the major toy companies like Tenga, ToysHeart, Magic Eyes, and even Fleshlight.They also carry toy lines for women and even lingerie at affordable prices.

Perks: Free shipping for orders above $50 (continental USA only) , special sales for e-mail, Facebook and Twitter followers, blog offers, user forum.

Shipping: FedEx / FedEx SmartPost (Succubus, Venus, Lillith, Busty Ai-Chan, Quty Tits)

Why? QueenCat is a smaller store than ToyDemon, but they pack a heavy punch. They are the USA distributors for all ToMax products - great product lines including the Succubus, Lillith, and Venus masturbators, and the best breast toy in the market the Busty ai-Chan - so they are your choice to get these excellent toys.
They also carry toys from known Japanese companies like Tenga, ToysHeart, and MagicEyes. Their selection is smaller than ToyDemon, but Queen Cat only sells the best toys from Japan (and it doesn't hurt that they tend to have lower prices than the demonic store). They also carry female toys, inflatable dolls and other fun items. Think of them as a Biggest Hits compilation of Japanese Sex Toys.

Perks: Exclusive toys in the USA, low prices.

Shipping: USPS

Kanojo Toys (Japan)

Why? Kanojo is the perfect source for those toys from crazy Japan that never make it to the USA. Shipping from Japan, their prices are higher than ToyDemon, but you will find stuff that American stores will never bring here.

Perks: Regular discounts codes. Fast and secure shipping from Japan.

Shipping: EMS / DHL

American toys (General)

I also buy toys in the widely known websites like:

Adam & Eve -  Wide selection on simpler and sometimes low quality toys. They have great offers and gifts with every order though...

Pink Cherry - This Canadian store had become one of my favorite places thanks to their weekly sales. Their selection is similar to Adam and Eve, but you can find hidden gems in their weekly clearance deals. For example, I bought my Inked Sophia doll here for $49 - a doll you cannot find below $125 anywhere else.

E-bay - Nothing beats e-bay for unique items. Be that item novelleco's silicone oral mannequins (the best oral sex doll you are going to find on the web), YouCups masturbators, discounted sex dolls, accessories for the goth / S&M lover in you, orcostumes lots for your erotic cosplay (or doll dressing). If you think it, it's on e-bay.

Amazon - Yep, the guys that sell you books also sell sex toys. Their selection is mostly similar to what you will find on Adam & Eve, but with better prices and the reliability behind the Amazon name.

Extreme Restraints - If you are on the kinkier side, this is your store. They sell everything for the S&M enthusiast and a few interesting items for people like me interested in "vanilla" bondage and e-stim. Even if you are not interested in bondage or S&M, their clearance section is worth a look for their selection and good prices.

That's it - those are the places where I buy. I will update the page if I find any other place with good stuff I like.


  1. Where to buy if you don't live in America?

    1. If you live in Europe, Fleshlight has an European website and Toy Demon has as their European partner. There are hundreds of novelty stores in UK, Germany, and Spain among other countries.

      If you live in Asia / Oceania, most Japanese stores like Kanojo Toys will ship there.

      If you live in Latin America, you will have to google sex shops in your country. I don't know if sells sex toys.

      Do a search with the nae of the sex toy you want + city / country and you should get some cool options.

  2. have you ever bought anything from any of the sellers in Japan, like Kanojo? There are things I want (mostly inflatables like Hug Pillow Ellie, Rio Hamasaki Air Doll, Real Body Pillow Karen Ichinose, Hug Doll Rio Hamasaki)that I just can't find here in the States. I've hesitated because I don't know what difficulties there might be with these items coming thru Customs and such.

    I do buy from QueenCat, and their service is about the best I've ever found from any on-line retailer of any kind. I've bought several of the Tomax Succubus toys from them, and they are totally excellent.

  3. I had bought from Kanojo without major issues with customs - just the usual delays of up to a week while they process the package. I don't order much from them or other sellers in Japan due to the shipping costs.

    Someone recommended, but I still have not bought anything from them.

    1. I can chime in and say is a great site. Depending on customs it might not be cheaper than your local store or webshop, but if you live in Europe it's pretty much guaranteed to be cheaper.

    2. That's the thing - I live in the US. Both Toy Demon and QueenCat (among other companies selling Japanese products) have prices very close to NLS and with the American companies I usually get free shipping and don't have to deal with customs or import taxes...

  4. Where to get the busty aichan in the uk?

    Queens cat toys do not ship to the uk?

    1. Check OmochaDreams - they are the ToMax European distributors.

  5. Can you tell me what brand Silky Lube is? I see KY Silk-e lube and liquid silk.

    1. Silky Lube is made by Tomax. If you live in the US, QueenCat was the only store selling it - but they are not selling it anymore. You can buy Slick Specialist from them - it is the same as Silky Lube.

  6. Thank you (silky question)


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