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Monday, July 22, 2013

RPP 3.0 #48: TENGA 3D Polygon Stroker (RPP #101)

Have you ever wanted to fuck a sculpture? Apparently the guys at Japanese mega-known company TENGA had that question in mind when they designed their 3D series. I recently got one of these toys courtesy of my pals from Beyond Exquisites, who carry both American and Japanese toys (including the meikis) and decided to answer that question for myself... and the answer was YES!

Want the details? Lets see the review...

General Description
When you see the TENGA 3D Polygon the first thing coming to your mind is how beautiful this sculpture is. In fact, the whole 3D series is designed to look like miniature sculptures to show on your desk or bookcase - they are definitively the most discrete masturbators in the market today. With their white color and black minimalist base, they don't look like a sex toy at all. 

That changes when you remove the sleeve from the base revealing a rod that doubles as a drying stand. When you remove the sleeve from the base, you then realize that the masturbator's texture is the artistic shape you had been admiring - you turn the sleeve inside out so the polygons you had been admiring become the texture that will stimulate your penis!

The sleeve is relatively small, measuring about 4 inches long by almost 2 inches diameter.You can consider the sleeve small, but the material is soft and elastic, so it will accommodate to your size given that you are not a Japanese tentacle monster.

The 3D Polygon includes a sample of TENGA's Real lotion so you can try this toy as soon you take it out of the package.


Of course, the TENGA 3D Polygon is beautiful and discrete, but the important question is IS IT GOOD?

I will say that it is. The polygons are not too inspiring to fuck, but knowing TENGA products, they wont sell the product if the design did not work. Once you turn the sleeve inside out and lube it, the polygons form a nice tunnel with peaks all around to keep your penis happy.

The sleeve is very comfortable to use thanks to the soft material used by TENGA, and in fact is less intense than expected. It allows you to control the orgasm build-up and when you are ready, just squeeze the stroker to feel the polygons' peaks to push over the limit.

Cleaning is easy thanks to the fact that the toy is designed to be turned inside out, so you can clean it completely and just leave in open air to dry in a few hours. 

Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Tightness: 3/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  35 / 40

The TENGA 3D Polygon is a solid product, specially if you are looking for a toy that is discrete and easy to clean. The texture is comfortable to use, even if it looks intimidating due to the polygons. Once you get used to the material, it becomes a great toy for long sessions.

I used the included sample of TENGA real lotion and Slick Specialist lube for my sessions with the 3D Polygon. My Love Venus R helped for the hands-free sessions. 

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  1. Funny--I think I've seen this reviewed a dozen times (they must be giving them away to anyone who asks), but I don't recall ever seeing anything about the actual dimensions. In photos it looks larger (to me) than what you describe. But I suppose that's the problem when there's no visual reference point.

    1. I'm not surprised since TENGA is maybe the Japanese toy most known outside Japan. I had the same image of the toy and was surprised about its size when I got it. Still, it is the average size used for Japanese toys.

  2. Just bought its cousin Tenga 3D Module. It's more like dick scrubber than stroker. Feel nothing and fed up after 20 min of hand pumping with some porn. I do wonder about this polygon since it looks mild compare the Module. Maybe I should use it with doll. Not happy at all!

    1. Because of their softness, the Tenga 3D series is better for people liking long sessions - 30 minutes or more. The Polygon is a mild texture, but I like mild textures.

      Depending on the doll you use, the doll's hole can compress the sleeve, making it tighter. Tighter toy means you feel more of the texture.

      Sorry to read you did not enjoy the Module...


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