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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quickies Episode 1

Suddenly I realized that during August I won't have regular access to the Web because I will be out of the country, so I decided to write as many reviews I could. In this first episode of Quickies, I will be doing short reviews of a few toys, lubes, and condoms I have used recently.

#1 - imPress Cock Ring

I'm not a big fan of cock rings, but this one really impressed me. It has a series of unique characteristics that made me enjoy using it. First it is a hard silicone that feels comfortable no matter how long you wear it. Second, it is fully adjustable in increments that guarantee a perfect fit. Third, it is easy to remove in case of emergency: You just need to unsnap it and your penis  is free. If you are a fan of cock rings or are interested on using them, try the imPress.

#2 - Fleshlube Ice / Fleshlube Fire
Part of the lube offerings from ILF /, Fleshlight Ice and Fleshlight Fire are two water based lubricants that have either a cooling (Ice) or warming effect (Fire) on the applied area(s). Fire warms the area for a few minutes, feeling slightly oily and grainy when applied. Ice cools for longer periods of time and doesn't feel as oily or grainy as Fire. My personal favorite of the two  is the Ice, since it allows to delay the ejaculation for a little bit. It also gives idea for the "frozen" session: having a session with a sleeve that had been stored in the freezer for a few hours and then using the Ice lube. I haven't done it yet, but whenever I do it, I will share the experience here.

#3 - Euphoria Enhanced Prostate Stimulator
I have shared here my experiences with prostate stimulation using the Aneros MGX. The Euphoria is from one of their competitors - and it gives Aneros a good fight. The Euphoria is bigger than the Aneros MGX by maybe 15% of the volume, giving a slight more pressure to the prostate. If you are a big guy like me, the Euphoria feels better since the prostate location varies depending on your body structure. The best part of the Euphoria is that it cost HALF the price of the comparable sized Aneros. If you are into prostate stimulation and are looking for a more economic alternative, have the Euphoria in your wish list.

#4 - Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator
Speaking of prostate stimulation, why not combining prostate stimulation and vibration? It is a good idea that I couldn't  avoid trying - and it is good. This prostate stimulator is a softer alternative to the Aneros and if you want to add an extra "umph", turn on the vibrations to experience a new level of stimulation. The vibrations go directly to the prostate allowing for completely hands free prostate orgasms. Now, this stimulator has two problems: it doesn't stay put if you are having sex and the vibrator part sometimes decides not to work at all. Those two issues aside, this prostate stimulator is a decent alternative to other vibrating prostate stimulators.

#5 - LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms
These condoms had become my favorites for the last few months. They are thin but resistant, allowing for good sensations and what I like the most is the rounded tip to secure it in place and providing room for the penis head to expand during ejaculation. Available in your favorite department store or pharmacy.

RPP 2.0 #9: Fleshlight Pure (RPP #37)

Fleshlight's "Pure" texture (Photo: ILF /


I did the review of this texture originally for the Fleshlight Blog a few months ago, so technically this is an update on that review.

ILF discontinued the Stealth orifice from their product lineup and decided to replace it with a new exclusive texture - then the Pure was born. Looking at the Pure orifice, the word "donut" comes to mind. The orifice is a  nondescript round hole - not an ass or pussy hole, just a hole of the same diameter of the canal. Once you enter the sleeve, you are greeted with three zig zag ribs which are not too pronounced, followed by a short section of ribs and the rest of the sleeve is a series of humps similar to the ones found on the Love Humps but with a smaller scale.

This combination of textures gives me what I like - a nice orgasm buildup.Having those long, pleasurable Flights that end in teeth-clenching, ball-draining, breath-gasping orgasms is my ideal masturbation experience. After using the Pure for a few times, I realized Pure would be one of my favorite sleeves to achieve my ideal.

Having more than 50 artificial vaginas, I already expect a break-in period for each new toy. Some toys feel good the first time, and those are the ones with extreme potential for my personal preference. My first experience with the Pure was good, but nothing to brag about. It felt good – so I knew there was potential – but it was not unique as promised. I gave it a second try and it felt better. At the third session with the Pure, its nature showed up for the first time. Its sections revealed and made me stop for a while to adjust to the new sensations. It was like doing a Wonder Wave, Twista, Super Ribbed, and Love Hump sleeves at the same time: all great and addictive sleeves. The sensations were subtle, but always present, inviting me to stay in and prolong my session as much as I could last. That was exactly what I did, building one of those orgasms that made me stay in bed for a few minutes before I dared to stand up, fearing my legs would not be able to support me.

The best surprise is that Pure keeps delivering. Every session with this sleeve is a pleasurable experience, it doesn't matter if it is a stroking or a hands-free session. A slow pace works best, allowing each one of the ridged textures to do its work, but varying the depths of the penetrations into the sleeve allows to experience a myriad of sensations – all of them greatly addictive and pleasurable. Withdraw from it and enter it slowly and you will feel your eyes rolling. Go faster and the hidden intensity of the Pure will grab you. As promised, the Pure is pleasure redefined. 

Cleaning and drying is pretty easy and fast, drying completely overnight.
Verdict: The Pure is a good sleeve to have if you are looking for a sleeve that gives you control without overpowering your senses. It could be a good first sleeve since it has a balanced intensity and the asexual entrance is a bonus for use with a partner.

Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 3/5
Tightness: 4/5
Tear and Wear: 5/5
Hygiene: 5/5
Maintenance: 5/5
Use: 5/5
Value: High  The Pure is highly pleasurable. Not too good for intensity seekers.
Preference: High My personal favorite since day 1.

Total score: 37 / 40 

FYI:  No porn was used for this review. Maybe next one...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RPP 2.0 #8: Brent Corrigan's Bliss Fleshjack (RPP #36)

Brent Corrigan's FJB Bliss Texture (Photo: ILF /


OK, this is one of those hard things to admit, so let do it quickly: I fucked a guy and I liked it.

Well, not really. What I did fuck  (and liked) was a Fleshjack - the name given by ILF to their line of toys marketed for the gay community. Like their straight counterpart, Fleshjacks have a line of toys molded after porn stars -  in this case, gay porn stars - called Fleshjack Boys or FJBs. Although the FJB line has fewer models than the FLG, it is usually the case for the FJB models to have the best textures around.

The Bliss is one of those insane textures that you wish to have in a female mold. The texture is only available with the butt entrance which I don't really mind. As you can see from the picture, the sleeve begins with a series of highly pronounced ribs leading to an array of down pointing fangs with a reducing canal. just watching the picture, you expect an intense ride and it delivers.

Although the Bliss seems to be extremely intense, I found it subtler than expected. In fact, it is pleasurable - one of the most pleasurable sleeves that I have. Once you enter, the ribs give a strong initial feedback - they show your penis' head who is the boss right away. The prepare you for the fang assault that follows. It is a soft attack, but it is relentless, coming from all around. Your penis is touched constantly by the fangs and the longer you are, the more these fangs are going to "sink" on you - remember that the sleeve gets narrower the deeper you penetrate.

A good thing of this sleeve is that it gives constant feedback, but allows for your control. It requires a little bit of practice, but you can vary the buildup of your orgasms depending the speed and depth of your thrusts. If you want a long, mind blowing orgasm, go slow and shallow to enjoy the fangs. If you want to have a quickie, just fuck the sleeve with middle speed long thrusts to enjoy both the entrance ribs and the fangs. Either way, your eyes are going to roll up.

If there is a weak point for this sleeve is the drying. As with all "busy" textures, the Bliss takes long to dry on the inside - up to 72 hours in the open air - so that is a factor you have to consider. The other "inconvenient" for many  guys out there is the fact that this is a  gay texture - you are fucking a mold of a guy's ass. Personally, it is no matter to me since I don't look at the FL while I am using it, neither have fantasies with the person the toy is molded from either man or woman. But if you are one of the guys that like to have a mental picture of what you are fucking and you are straight, I recommend you to cut the signature and print a nice ass picture of any girl of your preference and go to town with the Bliss.
Verdict: The Bliss is one sleeve you should have in your collection - even if you are straight.

Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 3/5
Tightness: 5/5
Tear and Wear: 5/5
Hygiene: 4/5
Maintenance: 5/5
Use: 5/5
Value: High  The Bliss is highly pleasurable and makes a statement with its name.
Preference: High One of my personal favorites since day 1.
Total score: 37 / 40 

FYI:  No porn was used for this review. Maybe next one...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Doll Review: Candy 18 - Body 4 w/ Jenna Head


Today's review is about another of the "ladies" from my harem: the Candy8Teen Body 4 with the Jenna head. Because that is too much to repeat during the review, I will use the name "Alexa" to refer to this doll from now. Also, to make our lives easier, I will refer to the manufacturer as C18.

C18 dolls are different than "Ada" (Love Venus R) and "Kyoko" (Teddy Babe Akiko) in more ways than one. The C18 dolls have a solid foam core similar to the foam you find in a couch seat covered by a silicone skin. "Alexa" is a floppy doll, meaning she doesn't have any type of skeleton - wire or tube - meaning that she is not pose able. Her body is skinny without many curves and small B-cup breasts.

The main characteristic of  "Alexa" is that her head is interchangeable. The manufacturer gives two head options for this doll: the "Jenna" and the "Pam" head. Both are Caucasian head that allows for oral sex, but they look slightly different, with "Jenna" having a more square face. You can see the difference between the two heads below.
Jenna face
Pam face
The heads are interchangeable, so even if the body doesn't have any skeleton, you will see a PVC pipe sticking out from her neck to insert the head.

Looking at the doll you can realize this is not a high-end doll. It costs about $800, when a high-end costs above $5,000. In fact, C18 is a small business and the quality of the doll you receive shows it. When you receive a C18 doll, be prepared to cut seams (some of them very noticeable), clean the doll, and have a repair kit ready (silicone or Aquaseal wet suit repair material) to repair the minor scratches and exposed foam areas you (probably) will find while unboxing the doll. C18 will ship your doll naked and with a costume wig inside the box. For the price (especially as I bought mine on sale for less than $500), those minor repairs are expected and not a major issue.

How is it as a sex doll? "Alexa's" body requires an insert to be used - and C18 includes one named "Cat in the Can". Even with the insert, the placement is not anatomically correct, but it is placed a perfect place for sex. The other good thing about this doll is that it accepts the Sex In a Can series from Fleshlight without any modification and regular fleshlights after some minor modifications. Being able to use your favorite insert such as the Lotus Lager, the Lotus, or the STU while grabbing a small life-size breast is a great turn on.

Unfortunately, that comes with a price. Since the doll has a detachable head, the only position you can do with this doll is missionary. It supports up to 400 pounds without issues, but if you are like me and have issues with your knees, missionary is not your favorite position. I am modifying the head to keep it attached in my favorite position while having sex with "Alexa", so when I find a good way to keep the head fixed, I will post it here.


  • She likes to give head!
  • Lightweight - around 12 pounds
  • Easy to customize, dress and accessorize.
  • Accepts a wide variety of inserts - including Fleshlights (after cutting 2 inches from the end).
  • Material feels lifelike
  • Insert in perfect position for sex
  • Silicone skin is easy to get stained
  • Head limits sex positions
  • Difficult to pose and keep in a given position.
Verdict: If you are interested in silicone real life doll (such as the Real Sex Dolls) but can't afford them, C18 dolls are a great option. They are affordable and a good introduction to silicone material dolls. The Body 4 is a good option if you prefer skinny type women and/or if you want to use a variety of inserts with a doll.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doll Review: Teddy Babe "Akiko"


Today, I am reviewing another type of "sex toy" - a sex doll. I have written about why I like sex dolls and I have shared in different web forums my increasing collection (4 to date). I have already written about the Love Venus R, so today I want to write about another of the dolls - the Teddy Babe.

After a month or so with "Kyoko" as I renamed my Teddy Babe "Akiko", I can say that Teddy Babes (or TB) are rightfully "cuddle monsters". These dolls are basically an adult themed version of the teddy bears many of us remember from our childhood. There are two different sizes of the TBs - the traditional TB which measures about 4 feet tall and the newer TB Deluxe, measuring 5 feet 2 inches tall. Both models have cartoonish features, vinyl eye decals, latex lips, and large breasts with the Deluxe models having toes and more lifelike proportions. They are known as cuddling monsters because they feel as good as the mentioned teddy bears: TBs are soft, cute as hell, and even sexy when photographed.

"Kyoko" with her original outfit
TBs come from the factory ready to use: they come dressed in a teddy lingerie with matching panties, acrylic finger nails, attached good quality wig, earrings, a removable velour pouch in the vaginal area for sex making / masturbation, a pair of color matching stockings, and an instruction / care booklet. I bought the "Akiko" model which resembled an Asian woman, but the manufacturer has other models available - brunettes, Latinas, redheads, blondes, and even a vampire model!

Now, they can be cuddly and adorable, but that is not the purpose I bought her - the purpose was to use it as a "sleeve mount": a place to put my sleeves to have hands free sessions. So, is a TB good to fuck?

The answer to this question is a single word: frustrating. When new, the TBs are stiff as a board - the legs barely open and their wire skeleton is hard to bend. Once you pose the TB for a few weeks (so the wire skeleton looses a little), then the legs open wide enough. That is part of the frustration - the doll is almost impossible to use as a sex toy during the first few weeks of ownership. Then the insert is another frustration. The original velour insert is not erotic at all, so many owners substitute it with any of the  onaholes / sleeves inserts commercially available. Fleslights or full size Meikis do not fit, so you have to stick with mid size inserts similar to the ones used with the Love Venus R. Missionary position is tricky, requiring a few strategically placed pillows to allow for sex making. Her on top is quite easy to achieve once the legs open enough, and doggy style is possible once the wire skeleton is softened enough - something that can take months.

"Kyoko" with a shorter wig and a different dress
  • Cute and adorable. 
  • Don't scream "sex doll" and many women don't find them intimidating (they are not "realistic" enough to be an adversary for them).
  • Fun to hold and squeeze
  • Lightweight - around 10 pounds (4 feet TB)
  • Easy to customize, dress and accessorize.
  • Easy to clean and maintain - clean as you clean most pillows and cushions.
  • Temperamental to pose / adjust during use.
  • Difficult to place a third-party sleeve
  • Cartoon-like proportions
Verdict: Teddy Babes are a good entry-level doll that allows customization and good hands free sessions once her skeleton looses its original stiffness.

Monday, July 4, 2011

RPP 2.0 #7: Virgin Sister Meiki (RPP #35)

Virgin Sister Meiki showing its canal (Photo: Omocha


Tonight's reviewed product arrives From South Korea. The Virgin Sister Meiki (VSM from now on) is one of three meikis in a series known as the Sisters: Virgin, Mature, and Nympho. The differences among these sisters are the width of their canals (Virgin is the tightest, Mature is the widest) and how pronounced is each one of the internal texture. In that area, the Nympho is the one with the most noticeable texture. It is important to notice that all three meikis have realistic internal structures including a G-Spot.

The VSM is extremely soft as most meikis are, so if you are expecting an intense ride, you will be disappointed. Meikis are not made for intensity, they are designed to be as real as possible and it that, they excel. The VMS has only 1 cm (less than 0.5 inches) in its widest part, so no matter how thin your penis is, it will wrap you totally. The texture is incredibly organic, with a series of delicate nubs and ridges distributed in chambers that follow a natural curvature.

As said, the VSM is not designed to be intense, it is designed to be realistic. When you penetrate the VMS, you don't feel an intense feedback - you feel a warm sensation that drives you to fuck that rubber pussy slowly, taking your time. Its feedback is soft, but constant. The softness of the material combined with the lube makes the meiki feel as if its melting around your penis. It is a sensation difficult to explain, but it is one of the best sensations you can feel with an artificial vagina.
It is easier to show the internal texture than to explain it... (Photo: Omocha
Even with all that praise, the VSM is not perfect. This rubber pussy is big and heavy - about 7 inches long, 4 inches in diameter and almost 2 pounds - making it difficult to use as a stroker. When dry, the VSM is floppy and difficult to handle, once wet with lube it becomes ultra slippery and extremely difficult to handle during masturbation. Unlike the Fleshlights, the VSM does not have a plastic case to assist in placing it into a mount, so you have to be creative to be able to use it hands free. It is also too big to use in most dolls - it does not fit in any of the four dolls I have - which is a shame, because personally I would love to be able to place this meiki into any of my dolls to have a great masturbatory experience. How did I use my VSM? I placed on an old pillow, rolled the pillow and stuffed the assembly into the crease of a folded body pillow. That whole ensemble gave the VSM a good support to use it hands free without risking damage to the ultra soft material.

After engineering a support, I could concentrate in enjoying the pleasure that only meikis can deliver. Change the angle of penetration and you have what feels like a different toy. Rotate the toy to simulate different positions and each will give you different sensations. It is like having a different toy every time you turn it. Orgasms are a religious experience with this toy, cumming long and hard in every time I used this toy.

Besides the requirement of engineering a hands free support, meikis have two other drawbacks - cleaning and drying. Since the VSM is a closed toy, cleaning requires some assistance from the user involving scooping fluids out of the toy with your fingers. Drying is another hassle due to the small diameter of the canal. Be prepared to insert a towel to dry the interior and adding some alcohol to speed drying time and avoid mold growth in the interior.

Verdict: The VSM is one of the best masturbators around, even with the difficulties to use and clean it.

Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 5/5
Tightness: 5/5
Tear and Wear: 5/5
Hygiene: 4/5
Maintenance: 4/5
Use: 4/5
Value: High  The Virgin Sister Meiki is a great sleeve with a few drawbacks.  
Preference: High One of the best overall toys I have tested.

Total score: 37 / 40 

FYI:  No porn was used for this review. Maybe next one...