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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting some help for my little friend...

So, it is finally confirmed... Women like big dicks!

Recently, a study done with Australian women confirmed what all of us with shorter members feared - that our lady friends would prefer a longer cock inside them. They were shown images with different male body types with different sizes of penises at rest and most selected the types with longer penis sizes as being more attractive. Of course, the length of the tool was not the "main" factor of selection, but still that study fucked up my already bruised ego.

My little friend (a.k.a. the Hooded Prince) measures 5 inches on a good day, so as you can imagine, I have heard those three cursed words a few times in my life. Of course, when I had heard those from my partner (or any of the variations like "I don't feel it!"), my desire simply evaporated and my little friend decided to go on strike. Arguments began, ending on a lonely night with me drinking with my pal Don Q and cursing my genes...

At those moments, I wished I was born a centaur (but a manlier one than this guy). 
Since I am not related to any known species of equine, I had accepted that some of my lady friends will want more than the 5 inches of meat I can offer them. What is the option? Use one of those mechanical penis extenders? I'm sorry, but I am not going to spend $300 on a thing that will extend my penis 1 inch after months of use. Pumps? They can be dangerous and they really don't work. Pills? Please!! Surgery? HELL NO!

Then what?  I opted for the easiest and quickest option. I swallowed my pride and got two extensions to help my little friend to go where he had not gone before...

Because I can, Pickard... because I can!
My FWB has not complained about the size of the Hooded Prince, but being the proactive man I am, I got these two "helpers" just in case she does...
Por dos pulgadas, por dos pulgadas...
The first one is a 4" extender from Adam & Eve that is almost the same width of the Hooded Prince - so the only difference is the length. With this, there are 9 inches of dick to go in her. The thing is placed just like a condom over the erect penis and creates suction on each stroke, so it keeps the Prince on  attention while she is getting the extra length. It is made of Cyberskin, so it looks and feels very natural. Hell, I tried it on and it looked impressive!

This extension has two drawbacks. First, the thing tends to bend at the junction where the real dick ends and the fake one begins, even after trimming for custom fit. The second is that no matter the skin tone, it never matches my natural skin... so I become a calanco - a dark guy with a white dick (in Spanish "un negro con bicho blanco") every time I put it on.

The XL Black Mamba (Extreme Restraints)
The other helper looks more intimidating - and not just because it is black. The XL Black Mamba from Extreme Restraints has an insertable length of 7.5 inches... but a 2.5 inches diameter (or a whooping 7.85 inches of girth). My natural girth is 4.5 inches, so this monster makes the Hooded Prince two inches longer and 3 inches thicker in a few minutes. The main advantage of the Mamba is that once in position, it stays there thanks to the ball ring and its hollowed interior. Passing my balls through the ring and placing my penis inside the Mamba required lots of lube, but once lubed, placing the Mamba in place was relatively easy. The sheath of the mamba has rounded bumps that keeps my little friend excited and happy while using this black monstrosity. 

The Mamba is made of flexible PVC which has two major drawbacks: its hardness and the chemical smell. The smell disappeared after a few washes with mild soap, but it is very strong at first. The hardness can be too much for some who are on the receiving end of this monster, so be sure to REALLY lube the Mamba before fucking your partner with this thing!

As said before, my FWB had not complained about the Hooded Prince, so I haven't used any of these with her... but if I ever use them with a lady friend, I will tell you how it goes...

RPP 3.0 #43: Doc Johnson's Mood Pleaser Beads (RPP #96)

Recently, I read this question in one of the forums I participate: "Why people buy the cheap toys even after trying the expensive ones?". For me, the answer has been always the sensations - I want to experience new sensations and honestly, the expensive toys like the Fleshlights and the meikis often are not that variate. Meikis tend to feel similar after you build a collection, and FLs at times are repetitive, so sometimes when I want new sensations, I would buy a cheap toy to compare.

Well, I saw a special sale from Pink Cherry a few weeks ago and spend a few dollars there. I bought a few to use with my FWB (more on those later), and got a few cheap masturbators from Doc Johnson (a.k.a the masters of UR3). Even when I am not a big fan of UR3, when toys are at $6, I could not help myself!

So, besides a few classic Palm Pals, I also got the collection of a toy I had been looking since its introduction: The Mood Pleasers. It is yet another UR3 small toy (just 4.75 inches long), but it has a more discreet look than the regular pussy palm. Also, the Pleasers are available with four different internal structures: tight smooth, wide ribs, one with massage beads, and one called Zig Zag with elliptical bumps. Each one is expected to give different sensations, so I picked a random one to test and the result is this review for the Mood Pleaser: Beads (MPB from now on).

Is the MPB a good toy for the price? Let see the review to find out!

General Description

Mood Pleaser Beads texture (Pink Cherry)
The Mood Pleaser line is a small size masturbator about 4.75 inches long and 1.25 in diameter. It is made of UR3 material, so be ready for the strong fruity odor common to all UR3 toys. 

The exterior of the toy is designed to fit perfectly on your hand, with a wavy shape to help keeping the grip during use. With a frosted white color, the toy looks cool and elegant, like a more expensive toy.

The exterior could look tame and elegant, but the interior does not falls back.With an elegant array of rounded interior bumps covering the interior, you can expect the MPB to be an intense toy. Add the choke point at the entrance and the idea of buying this small toy appears to be a really good one!

Personally, I am not a fan of UR3. The material feels like very muscular flesh (imagine fucking a top level athlete like an Olympic gymnast or runner), and the damned fruity smell often makes me dizzy... but once tamed, these toys can be good. The MPB is a good example.

Once lubed, the MPB is ready to give you an intense ride. The toy has a choke point at the entrance that can be too tight if your little friend is thicker than 1 inch. Good thing this toy is open ended, because you can fuck this thing from the the other end, which is wider and easier to penetrate. Either way, the massage beads will cover the whole surface of whatever part of your penis you push inside. The beads are as intense as the STU, and once you begin to really feel them, you will need all your might to avoid cumming. 

The MPB is designed to a stroker, so it really shines on that capacity. Because it is so small, you need fillers to make it usable in most sex dolls like the Meiki Plush Toy for handsfree sessions. I used it with my reliable Love Venus R and the MPB gave me intense orgasms comparable to the ones I get from toys 5 or 6 times more expensive like the FL STU. I have to admit the MPB is that good!

The MPB is an open-ended toy, so cleaning is as easy as placing it under the faucet and allowing water to run through it.

Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 4/5
Tightness: 5/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 4/5 

Value: High
Preference: Very High

Total score:  36 / 40

The Mood Pleaser Beads is one of those toys that surprises. It gives an experience similar to the one given by the STU - a toy that costs up to 5 times more. With a regular price of $15, the Mood Pleaser Beads is a good toy for any beginner user or a more experienced user looking for a traveling toy that is easy to hide. 

Be aware that the MPB is a small toy, so if you are hung like a horse, this toy could be too tight and too short for you.

I used the new Slick Specialist lube for my sessions with the MPB. The Love Venus R doll assisted for the hands-free sessions. 

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Erotic Fantasies... My Favorite Porn

Years ago, I remember that one of my college roommates had a huge collection of porn magazines (you know, those things showing still pictures of naked women before the Internet...) and he dutifully shared it with me. You went to our dorm's bathroom and you would find a two-feet tall stack of Playboys, Penthouse, Jugs, LUZ, and god knows what other titles neatly arranged on a corner.

I remember THAT number!
 Of course, after the poor magazines had passed through our hands, the centerfolds already had disappeared and you knew what pages had the best pictures because they were stuck together. The magazines were unusable after three or four days, but before they were tossed out to the trash (or passed to one of our horny neighbors), I made sure to keep the best part for myself: The erotic fantasies.

It was Baywatch @ 4:00 pm, masturbating @ 5, and partying @7!
I always found the erotic fantasies on those magazines better material for masturbation that the pictures of the girls. Yeah, the girls were hot, but they were still, and even if they were showing full pussy or hardcore fucking, the photos lacked life. The erotic stories, on the other hand, allowed me to place myself in the action, reliving the stories with the girls I met at my classes. The stories gave me the control the photos and pictures never gave me... and the chance to learn new things I would later apply with my conquests. Lets say that I cannot see a Hershey's chocolate syrup container without remembering a girl named Mariela and her obsession with anything covered in chocolate. And I mean ANYTHING! Oh happy memories...

ANYTHING covered in this...

Just like Mariela, a few other girls helped me to make those fantasies a reality... stories that maybe I will share with you here one day...

Meanwhile, you can get your own ideas (or share them) in these websites:

Remember, reading is FUNdamental!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

HOLY SHIT! More than 100,000 visitors!

The Casquetero Files passed the 100,000 page views mark - and I did not realize it until a few minutes ago!

When I began to write this blog, I never thought it would get 100,000 views! I write about sex, I don't sell anything, and I don't promote that much... so 100,000 views is something to celebrate!

Maybe I am celebrating a small milestone, but I had other websites before (business websites) and after 10 years they barely had gotten 30,000 views... The Casquetero Files, dealing with adult topics  got almost 500 views just today! SEX SELLS!

Thanks to Robbie, Saint C, lj, Neo, Barny, xkingyox, Mark, and all the other readers that had commented in my posts. Thanks for reading and giving new ideas!

What will be next? I don't know... but stay tuned!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

RPP 3.0 #43: Fleshlight Girls' Tornado (Alexis Texas) (RPP #95)

Since Fleshlight announced the elimination of all signature textures from the FL Girls lines, that makes this review the last one from that line of products. And what better bye-bye to a successful line of toys than reviewing the Tornado, the texture assigned to Alexis Texas. She arrived second on the "Select the next FLG model" contest last year and because of the close votes, IFL decided to mold the pussy of the runner-up. Good thing they did, because her pussy lips are beautiful! 

Is the Tornado one of the signature textures that ILF should keep around in another product? Lets go to the review to find out!

General Description

As you can see in the picture at the left, the Texas Tornado is a texture with a pretty wide, curvy tunnel, surrounded by twisted ribbons of material with indentations that gives the Tornado a Swiss cheese look. 

The texture by itself seems to be a low intensity texture, perfect for long sessions. 

The Tornado resulted slightly more intense than expected, but it is still a low-intensity texture. Most of the sensations are produced by the twisted material, which creates a tighter space than expected from the pictures. The indentations also have the effect of creating pronounced ridges that keeps you excited during the penetration. The sensations are subtle, but very pleasurable! 

Depending on the lube that you use, the ridges and the indentations can be more or less pronounced. The thinner the lube, the more you will feel the borders of the indentations. The thicker the lube, the more you will feel a small suction effect from the indentations. The Tornado is a good texture to play around and experience different lubes and suction levels.

BTW, the orifice is one of the most beautiful done by ILF. Alexis Texas' pussy lips created an almost perfect heart shape which looks super hot when you are inserting your penis into the toy...
C'mon... Isn't that beautiful?
As all Fleshlights, the Tornado is open-ended, so is easy to clean. 

Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Tightness: 4/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 4/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: Very High

Total score:  37 / 40

The Tornado is one of those textures that resulted to be better than you expected. It is a low to mid-intensity sleeve, perfect for orgasm buildup during longer sessions. Get it while you can!  

I used Silky Lube and Muko for the sessions with the Tornado. 

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Latest Review for Toy Demon...

The Toy Demon Blog just published my review for the Hina doll / masturbator combo! It is a good toy, so go and check it out...

Monday, April 1, 2013

Is Classic Porn Better?

I don't know about you, but I am starting to get bored with porn...

Porn has become totally predictable:
Step 1 - Camera shows girl
Step 2 - Guy licks girl's pussy and breasts
Step 3 - Girl sucks guy's dick
Step 4 - Guy and girl fuck in a bunch of acrobatic positions for 20 minutes
Step 5 - Guy jerks himself to give a facial to the girl
Step 6 - Girl says goodbye to the camera

Unless the girl is ultra hot - I'm talking Asa Akira, Kristina Rose, Tori Black, or Katsumi hot - I begin to watch the movie and after a few minutes I lose my interest. Often my erection goes with it...
Thanks Kristina for finding my Krusty clown  - and my erection!
Now, I had found that classic porn - those movies filmed when I was still a kid - keeps my attention. In those movies, the women were hot, natural (no silicone balloons or tattoos), and besides some exceptions like John Holmes and Ron Jeremy, most of the guys had normal penises. Compare that to today's porn where you have tons of silicone, steroids, and breasts and penises that are two steps away from genetic mutations.
Poster from Behind the Green Door (1972)

Not only the people were more natural, but the movies were MOVIES. They were not a collection of scenes, but movies with some sort of a plot and sex scenes with natural length. The sex scenes did not last for 25 minutes, they were 10 minutes before the guy was ejaculating a NORMAL quantity of semen, not the unnatural liters of cum we see in today's movies.

They were also creative. Just watch pornographic masterpieces like Behind the Green Door (1972), Deep Throat (1972), Debbie Does Dallas (1980) or one of my favorites, Taboo (1980).  They had simplistic plots, but often just the plot was kinky: a woman abducted and forced to have sex with a succession of strangers on a stage (Green Door), a woman who can only achieve orgasm while sucking dick (Deep Throat), or a mature woman who ends having sex with her adult son after a bitter divorce (Taboo). I recently watched Behind the Green Door and got the strongest erection I had in months while just watching porn. Once the movie centered on the abducted woman (Marilyn Chambers), the sensuality and hardcore action did not stop. Other movies like Emmanuelle (1974) were closer to softcore, but they were erotic enough to produce erections and put your girl on the mood. The movies were so good that for a few years even the New York Times reviewed porn films of the era (1972-1975).
Alice in Wonderland (1976)

Want to watch some classics? Check these...and let me know if you like them more than today's porn!


  • Behind the Green Door (1972)
  • Deep Throat (1972)
  • The Devil in Miss Jones (1973)
  • Emmanuelle (1974)
  • Alice in Wonderland (1976)
  • Debbie Does Dallas (1978)
  • Taboo (1980)
  • Insatiable (1980)