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Monday, June 18, 2012

Improving an inflatable doll

Love Body Aki in its original state
As I mentioned in the previous post, I modified my Love Body Aki with a pair of the awesome Quty Tits. The inspiration came from a video posted by our friends of which you can watch by clicking here.

Now, this "improvement" requires some level of being good at crafts, which as you will see later, I don't have...

 What do you need?

For this project, you will need:
  • Love Body Aki inflatable doll (or any other inflatable with small boobs).
  • Quty Tits
  • Velcro (if you want to be able to remove the Quty Tits for cleaning and storage)
  • Super Glue (to seal the breast holes on the doll and reinforce the glue of the Velcro on the Quty Tits)
  • Scissors
Steps (from the video)
  1. Cut the breasts from the Aki.
  2. Use pieces from the material and glue them over the two ventilation holes on each breast.
  3. Inflate the  doll. That will allow you to check for leaks.
  4. Put Velcro on the doll. How much will depend on the quality of the Velcro and how strong you want the bond to be. (I used industrial strength velcro because it was the one I had available at the moment).
  5. Use the other side of the Velcro on the back of the Quty Tits. You probably will need to apply some Super Glue on the back of the tape to strengthen the adhesive.
  6. Put and press the Quty Tits on place.
  7. ENJOY!
The steps are easy enough for a guy without any crafts talent to follow (me), so if I could do it, anyone should be able to do it.

Now, I know you want photos, so here they are...

 Remember that the Aki can use most Japanese inserts like the Succubus, the 17 Series and others that are up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Here a photo of the doll ready for use with one Succubus masturbator:

I used also the 17 Bordeaux with this ensemble and man, IT WAS GREAT! You can put the Busty Ai-Chan on the doll, but you will have to leave the doll in missionary position (no velcro can hold those D-cups!)

The visuals of those massive tits waving on every thrust was incredible. Of course, if you want to dress the Aki to amp the fantasy levels, you can. Just remember that these toys will liberate some oily residue that can stain the clothes. Here I enjoyed the American standard of fucking the cheerleader...
 If you want detailed steps on how to modify your doll, again, just go here and watch the video. You can watch it in YouTube from that link.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Of Breasts and Men: Quty Tits and Busty Ai-Chan

Note: After reading this post, I realized it was kind of confusing, so I divided it in two parts. The first is my review of the breast toys Quty Tits and Busty Ai-Chan and the other is about modifying the Aki with the Quty Tits. 

Breasts. Boobs. Bazoongas. Funbags. Chichis. Tatas. Melons. It does not matter how you call them, if you are a guy, you like them. You like how they bounce, how they feel, and yes, how they look when those nipples are erect... No matter the color or size, breasts are the perfect sex toy.

The problem with perfection is that it is difficult to duplicate. That explain why you don't see as many breasts masturbation toys in the market. Natural breasts are soft and bouncy - and most artificial boobs feel like they are made of rubber. Many companies have tried to duplicate the soft and bouncy feeling of breasts, but few have succeeded.

One of the successful companies is the Japanese company ToMax with not one, but two great breasts toys: Quty Tits and Busty Aichan (both available in the USA only through These toys are made using something they call the Yawachichi (soft breasts) process, combining the already soft Succubus skin with an inner softer gel. That combination results in the closest thing to a real breast in the market - soft, giggly, and squeezable.

Quty Tits
Quty Tits (photo:
If you are a fan of small sized breasts, the Quty Tits is the toy for you. The Qutys are the size of a B-cup breast and weight 9 ounces each. They are fun to play with, feeling like the breasts of a young petite woman. Not too giggly, but soft and squeezable as any 18 years old tits should feel.

One thing you will notice immediately is that the Quty Tits are separate. You can separate them as much as you want and that allows for easy customization. Besides caressing, kissing, and fondling these breasts, you can also use them to modify sex dolls - inflatable or solid - to make them more realistic. (In the next post I will show the Love Body Aki modified with these cute little tits.)

But wait, you don't need the doll! Do you notice the blond anime girl on the package? The guys at Tomax placed a cutout of that anime girl ready for you to place the Quty Tits on top of her and well, enjoy the visuals while playing with your new toy.

Busty Ai-Chan

Busty Ai-chan (photo:
OK, so the Quty Tits are fun to play... but you prefer bigger breasts. Well, ToMax thought about you too.

For the guys who prefer more than a handful, they made the Busty Ai-Chan. Done with the same process as the Quty Tits, the Ai-Chan simply adds more of the goodies. Where the Quty Tits is a B-cup, the Ai-Chan is a healthy D-cup. We are talking about 6 pounds of pure giggly and squeezable fun.

Since the Ai-Chan is heavier than the Quty, this pair of breasts is joined by a slab of Succubus material to keep the bazoongas together. That means you can enjoy a nice, soft tit job whenever you want. The Succubus material in the Ai-Chan feels just like the real thing, so be ready for a messy session. BTW, the Ai-Chan also includes a cutout of the anime girl on the cover, so get good use of it!

Using these toys
I have a confession to make: I am more an "ass man" than a "tit man". Don't get me wrong, I enjoy breasts as any other guy, but my real turn on is a woman's ass. That said, I enjoyed playing with these toys. The sensations are so close to reality, that if you close you eyes while squeezing these toys, you can swear you are dealing with the real thing.

For a tit job, you need to place either toy on a flat surface. The Quty Tits can be placed on a doll to make things more enjoyable, but their small size can make difficult to make a tit job a reality. You don't have that issue with the Ai-Chan, but we aware that placing  those mammaries (and making them stay put)on a doll is a lot more difficult just because of their size. Once you manage the logistics, go ahead and enjoy the ride. Before I forget, remember to use some water based lubricant... and get a towel. You will need it!

There were two things I did not like. One is that you MUST keep the plastic cases these toys come packaged. Unlike the real thing, both of these toys have a tendency to be dust magnets. They are easy to clean and dry, but cleaning the Busty Ai-Chan can be challenging due to its massive size and weight.  The other thing is that they are not easy to store, especially if you live in a cramped space like I do. That considered, it is a small price to play one of the biggest fantasies most guys have.

Are they worthy their price?

This is an important question. With the Quty at $65 and the Ai-Chan at $200, these are expensive toys. Are they worthy? If you are a breast fan, the answer is HELL YEAH! They feel just like the real thing, and depending your preferred perversion, you can use them just like you are playing with real breasts. Splurge a bit and enjoy!

Oh, by the way... if you say "tatas" and think you are speaking Spanish, you are a fool. We say TETAS!
(Tata is a way we call our grandfathers).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inflatababe #1: Love Body Aki

So, I will begin my plastic harem review with an import from Japan: the Love Body Aki. This is a torso that is part of a famous love body series in Japan and the US. The main characteristic of the whole series is that unlike most inflatable dolls, the Love Body series is completely clear. Yes... these dolls are crystal clear, so you can see what is going on at all times. That aside, the Aki is one of the most popular love bodies around - lets see why!

Aki package

The Love Body Aki (Aki) is a clear vinyl doll made by the Japanese company A1. This doll is a torso, meaning that it does not have hands or a head, but it has full legs and arms. It represents the body of a young petite woman (18-19 years) with a slim body in the typical Japanese sitting style. The doll is a 1:1 scale, meaning that you can use clothes from a  regular store to dress the doll (it wears teen size L / XL or adult XS / S clothes). Aki has one vaginal orifice that can be used by itself or with any masturbator up to 2.5 inches in diameter.


The Aki is one of these dolls that you want to try at least once due to the cool factor she is clear. Besides the dark reasons behind wanting to look at your own penis going in and out of a hole, the Aki has other benefits. The proportions on the Aki are realistic - you look at the nicely shaped ass and breasts and you can easily see the average Japanese young woman. The fact that the doll has realistic proportions helps in dressing it with commonly found clothes, so you can splurge on your fantasies (schoolgirl, anime character, super heroine, slutty girlfriend, etc) without having to do a separate budget for specialized clothes or alterations.

Inflating the Aki with the mouth  is an exercise for your lungs (it is HARD), so I recommend either a foot pump or a bicycle pump to fill this doll. Once blown, you can use the vaginal orifice with any masturbator that is up to 2.5 in diameter or without any masturbator. I used the Aki with both the 17 Bordeaux and a Succubus masturbator and both fit perfectly into the doll. The doll has the vaginal orifice in the right place, so it is a good fuck simulator. Since the doll has its legs in a fixed seated position, the logical positions to use Aki are missionary and cowgirl (or any of their variations).


Looks: 4/5 (I prefer my ladies with a head... Bonus points for being transparent.)
Realism: 5/5 (nice proportions, vaginal hole in the correct area)
Fuckability: 4/5
Durability: 5/5 
Inflation / Deflation: 3/5 (Need a pump or a good set of lungs to fill this girl)

Total: 21 / 25

Verdict: The Aki is an interesting doll to own. The clear vinyl and the correct proportions help to set it apart from other dolls.

Inflatababes: the plastic harem

Two years ago, if anyone asked me if I would be using blow up dolls for sex I would laugh hard and maybe sent them to fuck themselves. Now, it is a different story. I do not only have a collection of 8 solid sex dolls, but in the past months I included a handful of inflatable dolls - or inflatababes as we call them in the doll community.

Inflatable doll (or blow-up dolls) are not as detailed or realistic as their silicone sisters, but they have several advantages. Obviously, they weight almost nothing and are easy to store - just deflate and fold. Another advantage is their price - you can find great looking inflatababes like the Sophia Inked for $150 or a less attractive doll for as low as $5. Besides that, you have a wide variety of "fetishes" dolls available - "small people", transsexuals, aliens, fairies, big women, big breasts, even animals!

One drawback from the inflatababes is the packaging. You look at the package and you see this gorgeous model, so you (foolishly) expect to get a doll with some resemblance to the model. Once you open the package, reality sinks in when you see a doll with triangular breasts ( a la Madonna / Kate Perry), a painted face looking like the drawing of a 5-year old kid, absolutely no ass, and orifices way too small for a pencil. You simply take the doll, deflate it, and toss it into a dark forgotten corner of your closet until its time for the next general cleaning.

The problem is that few places give you information about how these dolls look and feel. In that, you are on your own... until now.

Thanks to a friend who owns a sex shop, I have received a bunch of inflatababes for me to review. Since his store is strictly "brick and mortar" (no web sales), he doesn't want any promotion here, but he is posting copies of my my reviews next to the toys at his store, so now I am the proud owner of a harem of inflatababes that I will be reviewing in this blog.

 So how will i review this blow-up girls? Easy... I will review them in five areas: body shape, fuckability, looks, ease of inflation / deflation, and durability. Like in the Rubber Pussy Project, each area will have a max of 5 points and I will add comments about value and preference (high, moderate, or low). Of course, you will get a photo of the real thing inflated.

Now, get ready to blow...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

RPP 3.0 #13: Seventeen Bordeaux (RPP #65)

The best toys in the market deserve to have a whole series named after them. The Fleshlight, the Succubus, and you have to add the Seventeen series from ToysHeart. Today, I review the latest one on the series: the Seventeen Bordeaux (Bordeaux from now on). This one is the third version of the now classic Seventeen, one of the highest selling toys in Japanese history. The second version, the Seventeen Evo has become a favorite in both Japan and the West, so how this new style compares? Lets go to the review to see...

General Description
17 Bordeaux (Photo:

The 17 Bordeaux (Bordeaux) is another dual layer toy from ToysHeart and its Seventeen series. Following on the tradition of the 17 family, the Bordeaux has a realistic wavy inner tunnel, but unlike the original 17, which was smooth, the Bordeaux has a textured canal. Taking from the Evo, the Bordeaux has a light, spongy material on the outside and a harder, slippery inner material, which in the case of the Bordeaux is a dark red color, similar to a red wine (the Bordeaux region from France is known by its red wines). The size is similar to the 17 Evo, allowing to place the masturbator in the vaginal hole of most Japanese made dolls / love bodies.

One thing about the 17 series is that they feel good. I have tried the 17 Evo, but the Bordeaux is a completely different experience. Although the Bordeaux shares the shape of the original 17 and a textured canal like the Evo, the texture on this new version is unique to the series. The Bordeaux has walls covered in randomly sized nubs, which are not too intense,  but feel completely different depending on the angle and deepness of your penetration. Also, the experience will change depending if you use it as a hand masturbator or place it into the cavity of a doll to use it hands free.
As a handheld, the toy fits perfectly on the hand. The spongy exterior material of the Evo reappears to help on the grip and the squeezing to increase the suction - which feels nice and natural even without squeezing the toy. Even when used as a hands-free masturbator, the Bordeaux feels natural and it does not overwhelm you... unless you decide to go deep. Like all the toys on the 17 series, the Bordeaux has a cervix at the end of the tunnel. When you go deep into the toy, the head of your penis hits the cervix (which is slightly harder than the rest of the tunnel), sending you in overdrive. Hit the cervix three or four times and you will have a hard time avoiding cumming like a madman.
Talking about cumming... The Bordeaux is simply a masterpiece. This toy feels natural, but depending on how you use it, this new version can be as stimulating as the Evo, which many users (including myself) found too intense near the moment of climax. The Bordeaux allows your penis to expand previous to ejaculation and during that expansion, the nubs feel even better, making you pump harder and deeper. Once you start doing that, you hit the cervix and you are done. The orgasms using this toy were all of the toe-clenching type, which I did not expect based on the "subtle" nubs on the texture.
Cleaning this masturbator is easy, thanks to the width of its tunnel.

Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 5/5
Tightness: 4/5 
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  39 / 40

If you are a fan of toys that feel different every time you use them and allow you to have long sessions, the Bordeaux is perfect. On the other hand, if you are looking for intensity, remember that this toy becomes intense only when you are close to your orgasm.

I used both FleshLube Water and Honey Drops lotion as the lubricant for this review. I used my C18 "Alexa" for the hands free part of the review.