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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doll Review: Eri Nanjo Doll

I can't believe that I had this doll for 3 years and I never reviewed it!

First, let me tell you a story...

Back when I started my (Doll) Harem, two of the dolls that got my attention were the Eri Nanjo and its "friend" Aoi Himeno. Both are plush dolls from Japan, have the generic anime style, and are cute as hell. They are not sexy or anything - just cute. They were not too expensive either - about $600 including shipping from Japan - but at the time, I decided against buying from Japan (easy when you buy from Kanojo Toys). I ended setting up for Kyoko (my Teddy Babe) and forgot about the Nanjo.

A few months after getting my TB, I am looking at a thrift store in Manhattan when I saw a familiar face - an Eri Nanjo doll! It was fairly new, with a couple of crayon marks in one of her feet and a slightly dirty camisole, but in perfect shape... and a price of just $25. So, without thinking too much, I got the doll and bought it, carrying it back home in a clear trash bag on the subway at rush hour on a Friday early evening...

That's how I got my own Eri Nanjo doll and honestly, it is one of my favorites!

Now, something I love about Japanese dolls is that they are made for one thing - sex. The doll is very simple - basically a human shaped plush toy. The head does not turn, the body has no internal skeleton, the arms do not rotate, and the doll is not pose able. What makes this doll perfect for sex is that the legs are floppy and they rotate as if it was a real person. That allows the Eri Nanjo to accommodate her position to your desire while playing with her. The doll is capable of sustaining many different sex positions (with some support), and the advantage of accepting different masturbator models help to keep variety.

Being a plush doll, the Eri Nanjo is a light doll - less than 15 pounds - and because it measures about 4.75 feet tall (145 cm), it is almost life size. You can say it has the body of a teen with wide hips, with measurements of 29 / 24 / 32 inches (74/61/82 cm) and nice features - soft fuzzy "skin", big sewn eyes, and a firm body that retains its shape even after three years.

There are two things about the Eri Nanjo that many users don't like. First, as many Japanese dolls, it has no nipples. That is something you can fix easily by gluing silicone or rubber nipples sold in most stores. Second, you can only use smaller masturbators with this doll - nothing larger than 5 inches fits inside her vaginal hole. Still with these two "drawbacks", the Eri is a cute and devilish fun doll to have.

Verdict: The Eri Nanjo doll is the perfect doll for those looking for a relatively inexpensive plush doll in the anime style. The doll does not allow for posing or too much style, but it is great for cosplay and customization... and of course for sex. If you don't mind the limitation of masturbator size, or the fact that it is only available by ordering directly from Japan, it is a good beginner's doll for below $600 (including shipping from Japan).


Realism: 4 / 5. The Eri Nanjo has the proportions of a Japanese teen. It feels good for cuddling at night.

Storing: 3 / 5. It is basically life size, so better have some closet space. Or keep it clothed in cosplay and put on display!

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Really easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. No wires or skeleton to break here.

Cleaning: 4 / 5. Avoid cumming on the doll, remember it is a plush toy. Otherwise, easy to spot clean. 

Weight: 5 / 5. Less than 15 pounds (6.8 kg). Easy to move around with one hand.

Total: 21 / 25

You can buy your Eri Nanjo at KANOJO TOYS.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So, I'm a loser...

During the weekend, I was talking with my neighbor about how difficult is to keep a relationship in the City. He was complaining about how crazy was his "female companionship" (read "hoe") from the previous night. My neighbor is a 60 years old African American and his "companion" - who I always see in the building only on the 15th  and 30th of the month - is a fairly good looking 40 something woman. He was complaining that she was always asking him for money to pay for her cellphone, or her cable, or her nails, or her hair... the list kept going. I had to stay silent, because I think he was angry not for the money, but because he realized the truth: He is just one of her "sugar daddies". 

He asked me if I ever had those problems and I answered the truth. "Nope... I prefer to have sex dolls than paycheck hoes." His look was of disbelief until he said something about that I was too young to be using that "shit". He even offered to hook me up with a hoe he knows. With so many "desirable and available young ladies" (notice the quote marks) in the area, why do I prefer to fuck a piece of rubber?

The answer is simple: I am not stupid. 

I don't want to be yet another "sugar daddy" - a guy who shells out money to have the benefit of a relationship with a younger woman - and I am not the Latino version of Captain Save-A-Hoe ("Capitán Salva Putas"?).
Behold the Power of Breasts!
My neighbor is not the only one in that situation. Many of my coworkers have "sugar babies", specially in Dominican Republic (I work with lots of Dominicans). They buy a house or apartment on the island for her, pay the mortgage and even give her money for daily expenses with one condition: She must be ready for him whenever he visits the Island. Meanwhile, she is fucking all the young guys in the neighborhood until the "old man" comes to visit once or twice in the year. All the involved are fine with arrangement: the older guy gets pussy, the younger guy also gets pussy, and the pussy gets a house, a car, and food on the table.

That shit not only happens in "third world" countries. In countries like USA, UK, and Japan, young women had realized the power of T&A to get easy money without a relationship or becoming "prostitutes". I know lots of young women (some still in high school) who had resorted to be a "sugar baby" to have the latest smart phone, drugs, cars, designer clothes, or to really pay their college expenses. In the urban reality of NYC, most "sugar babies" are nothing more than "hoes" having two or more guys that pay her bills- one for the cell, other for the rent, other for clothing, and so on. Personally, I'm not signing for that.

The saddest part is that having a "sugar baby", a "paycheck companion", or fucking a prostitute is more acceptable among guys than using a sex toy.

It is more acceptable to pay the cell phone bill of  an 19-year old young woman, converting her into a prostitute, than to masturbate with a rubber pussy.

It is more acceptable to have a woman drink  enough alcohol in her system so she looses up and agreed to have sex with me (just three drinks, I want her to be awake) than buying a sex doll for me to fuck however I want, whenever I want.

Check her Wishlist... at your own risk!
It is more acceptable for a guy like me to spend my hard-earned money in buying expensive shit for a porn star that WILL NOT GIVE THE TIME OF THE DAY than buying a silicone doll.

It is completely acceptable to spend thousands of dollars in a club in strippers and go home with a whore than just masturbating at home while watching porn.

Are we stupid?

I think that if we are willing to spend lots of money for having the chance of sticking our little friend inside a vagina, then sometimes we are stupid. But it is not our fault... we have two heads and not enough blood to make both work at the same time. Call me a loser, a loner, a pervert, or a sick fuck, but I will keep fucking my dolls and my rubber pussies. They are cheaper and safer...

Hey, don't get me wrong. If you prefer to play the game, spending money to get the hope of getting some pussy, go ahead, I'm no one to judge. But PLEASE, allow us who have decided to not play the game with the current rules to live our lives our own way. 

After all, we are all making our little friends happy in different ways!

Pictured: MY DICK!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Inflatababe #7: Love Pillow Asuka

I remember that my first ever ejaculation was thanks to the inspiration given by an anime character - Sayaka from Mazinger Z. When I was a young, little horny fucker, anime was the domain of ultra-nerds - and I was one of them! 

I spent hours watching the few titles shown in Puerto Rican TV in the 1980's - Mazinger Z, G-Force, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and Remi among others - always feeling a weird attraction to the adult female characters. Those innocent looking cartoon ladies with big, round eyes, small mouths and slender figures always fitted inside tight clothes gave me my firsts hard-ons and were the inspirations for many masturbatory sessions until I discovered porn.

Fast forward 20 years and now anime is all the rage. The perfection and sexy nature of the cartoon ladies that got my attention in my early teens now have done the same to guys of all ages around the world. Sex toy companies like Cal Exotics realized that, and designed a series of anime-inspired toys, with the Love Pillow Asuka being one of them.

It's the Asuka a good toy? Let's go to the review!


Unlike other inflatable dolls, the Asuka is exactly what you see in the promotional material. Instead of a doll, you get an inflatable pillow with a high quality printed anime girl, completely naked of course, and a cheap masturbator that reeks of strawberry smell. The pillow has not one , but five orifices located at the front, bottom, back, and sides of the inflatable pillow.  Once inflated, the Asuka measures 44.25”x 12” (112 cm x 30 cm), ensuring that is almost life-sized. 


I have to say that I am not a big fan of inflatable girls, but I found this love pillow funny and sort of sexy. If you are an anime fan, the graphic is definitively sexy - small breasts, hairless crotch, wild flowing black / purple hair and a small ajar mouth that seems to plead you to fuck her. 

The first thing I did was throwing away the damned masturbator sleeve included with the pillow. I hate the strong strawberry smell, so I exchanged it for a Palm Pal that I had lying around.

The pillow has the requisite orifice in the front, not in an anatomically correct place on the graphic, but perfect for most guys to stick their meat and look at the anime graphic. I found the other four positions kind of weird, but for those creative guys out there, they will be a welcomed addition. You could place up to five different small masturbator sleeves and have an orgy fucking five different textures with the same doll. The holes can be used without a masturbator since they don't have sharp edges and have a nice, soft sensation. I used the Asuka with both the Palm Pal and without it and in both cases, it felt nice for a long session.

On the bad side, I wished the toy had a more human-like shape. At least if the breasts would be in 3-D, I would had enjoyed this toy a lot more than with its current flat, torpedo shape. 


Looks: 3/5 (Gorgeous print, torpedo shaped) 
Realism: 2/5 (Flat design, you can use small and midsized masturbator sleeves) 
Fuckability: 5/5 (Five different holes!) 
Durability: 5/5 (Look sturdy... really sturdy)
Inflation / Deflation: 3/5 (You will need a pump or really good lungs) 

Total:  18 / 25

Verdict: Not bad - if you are a big anime fan. The graphic is cute and everything, but requires a lot of imagination to keep your erection because there are no hip, ass, or breasts to grab while using one of the holes. If you can simply enjoy the sensations, the possibility of using up to five different toys in one session makes this toy a must buy.

Where to buy? You can buy the Asuka in many different stores, but I got mine for just $15 at Pink Cherry. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Exxxotica Atlantic City: Part 2

Like it is said, images talk more than a thousand words, so let me show some of the photos I took during the Exxxotica Expo...

Kristina Rose getting expressive...

Some kinky demos...

And the closing song from Girls, Girls, Girls an all-female Motley Crue tribute band.

Did you see the drunk fucker with the black mini-doll? Well, at one time he tripped, hitting my hip with his head (that's why you see the camera going everywhere by the 4 minute mark). The cool thing? When I regained control of the camera, I looked at him and he was at the floor, nursing his head!

I was impressed by:
  • How laid back and down to earth are Joanna Angel, Kristina Rose, Tanya Tate, Teagan Presley, and Nina Hartley.
  • Evan Stone's sense of humor.
  • The fantastic body of Alexis Texas - and lets say she was pretty well covered!
  • Same for Tanya Tate - have to check if I have some of her in my collection.
  • How beautiful is Tera Patrick. 
  • How small and delicate some porn stars seem to be in real life. Belle Knox, Dakota Skye, Lexi Belle and Cindy Starfall are petite women - many high school students of the area I live have bigger and more developed bodies than these porn stars.
Priceless moments:
  • Seeing a couple in their 60's in full dominant / submissive leather clothes with the guy spanking his wife at the Dungeon.
  • Seeing a guy getting his toes licked on stage - first by a woman, then by a guy - to win a Fleshlight.
  • Seeing an old lady with her granddaughter buying dildos - and they were damn serious!
  • A couple on wheelchairs enjoying the Girls' Girls, Girls show - each with a VIP bag full of stuff.
  • Spending three days on a porn convention - and buying a pair of EMS sandals in the expo floor!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Exxxotica Atlantic City - Part 1

It's April 14, Exxxotica Atlantic City is over, and I'm back at Casa Casquetero after a weekend of seeing so many beautiful, almost naked women that I have masturbation material for the rest of the month! This was my first ever adult show, so I want to share with you some of the highlights, what I enjoyed, and what I would improve if I was in charge...

What I liked...

Easy registration. Although I had been in tens of expos in different roles - presenter, exhibitor, and participant - Exxxotica was my first adult themed show. I liked how easy it was to buy tickets and to register once you arrived to the venue. The organizers really wanted to feel you welcomed and that you have a good time - and they make the initial steps easy and quick as possible.

So innocent with her teddy bear! AWWW!
A buffet of flesh. I had never seen so many barely clothed women in a room in my life. As soon as I entered I was greeted by a stripper in lingerie giving out bags, behind her there were three girls posing seductively on innocent looking beds, and to their left, yet another girl was using a gigantic swing. At my right, there were the VNA talent and a few booths behind them, Ameera Milan was giving anyone willing to pay $20 a brutal lap dance that kept a lively audience at all times. All that just when you had walked like 10 steps! Between exhibitors, you found pole dancing stations where you always had one or two girls dancing, and chain cages with more girls. Add the porn stars -  hundreds of them in different styles of clothing, going from sexy lingerie, stripper clothes, leather, cosplay, to regular dresses and even Hooters' uniforms. I saw so much ass that I don't even need to go to the beach this year!

Variety of activities. Besides the exhibitors, porn stars, and toys, the expo included seminars, stage appearances, and even musical presentations. I have to say the stage activities were cool - giving free stuff, Q & A sessions with porn stars, and even some stand-up comedy (Evan Stone has a funny and entertaining routine). The seminars were even better with sessions about every topic you can imagine: how to get into the adult industry, how porn had changed in the last 30 years ("lectured" by the Legend Ron Jeremy), S & M, dominatrices, kinky sex, and even one about how to select sex toys for the ladies.

Too vanilla for you?

That redhead deserved a good spankin'!
They had The Dungeon, an area dedicated to everything BDSM - cages, flogging, domination, chains, and Japanese bondage among others - where you could participate... if you dared.

A relaxed environment. What I really liked was the informal and relaxed environment in the expo. The majority of stars would agree to pose for a photo without any problem and all were engaged talking with fans, laughing and posing for photos with them (many of them charged $5 to $20 per photo depending if they used your camera or if you wanted an autograph). Even after a whole weekend dealing with people, I saw Kristina Rose, Joanna Angel, Rubber Doll, Sheridan Love, and Teagan Presley talking with anyone who stopped at their booths, making them feeling special. Also, the stars were constantly interacting with attendees - dancing during musical presentations, making practical jokes to each other on their booths, and even taking photos with fans on the Boardwalk.

What I did not like...

If you are a guy - NO TOYS FOR YOU! Most of the 60 exhibitors were porn stars booths or porn producers. The four or five exhibitors that were showing toys, only ONE had a few disposable TENGA cups and two others had prostate massagers and cock rings. That was it... millions of dildos, butt plugs, lingerie, and even "attitude" t-shirts, but not one exhibitor had a variety just for guys. I know that for many of us, using a toy is a sign of "failure", but at least they could have a few cheap toys there...

Evan Stone bothering Ron Jeremy during one of the seminars
Nowhere to sit down. Not all the attendees to the expo were young people in their 20's  - many were in their late 40's , 50's and even higher - and there was nowhere to sit and rest your legs / feet unless you invaded the Seminar area. At one time, I was asked to leave the Seminar area because it was going to be used as an assembly area for a presentation. I ended going to the Casino to sit down for a few minutes. Just add a few chairs or a lounge area, because not all your attendees are young and sexy...

Too many changes to the schedule. I don't know what happened, but many of the stage performances and seminars were cancelled even when the "presenters" were in attendance. That caused that the sound from both areas was working at the same time making feedback, or simply making listening and understanding impossible. That happened during the first presentation from Ron Jeremy (Saturday) when the cover band Girls, Girls, Girls started their presentation. Even with the use of a PA, the sound from the stage simply overpowered the PA system. Something that should not happened.

Later I will share some of the highlights from my experience @ Exxxotica!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm going to EXXXOTICA AC!

Well, tomorrow evening I will be traveling to the mythic Atlantic City to attend EXXXOTICA - one of the biggest shows related to sex, love, toys, and kinky shit! It's my first time in a show like this, with a huge list of porn stars in attendance, including Nina Hartley, Kristina Rose, Eva Lin, Alexis Texas, Tera Patrick, Tori Black, Joanna Angel, and 90+. I'm excited!!!

To celebrate, I got a new set of masks, which hopefully I will be able to use in the expo floor to take photos with the stars...
Anyway, I expect to take tons of photos and videos I will share with you in here. Hey, if you are attending, throw me a message! I'm a safe wingman!

Monday, April 7, 2014

My own business cards!

Just for fun, I decided to make a few business cards...

Now I am a "Sex Toy Specialist"!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

RPP 3.5: Fleshlight's Legend (Jenna Jameson) (RPP #115)

Jenna Jameson  is maybe the most recognizable name in porn of the past 20 years. If you welcomed puberty during the 1990's or early 2000's, you shot a few loads in her name while looking her photos or one of her video scenes. She retired from porn in 2008, but she had made a sort of comeback as a webcam cougar (she is 40 now) and as the new Fleshlight Girl with her own signature texture: Legend.

Is the Legend a texture par to the legendary woman signing it? Let's see...


The Legend design is a mix of ribs, dots, squares and nubs arranged inside a varying diameter tunnel. The tunnel is on the wide side, and all these textures have rounded edges, meaning they are not as intense as you could imagine.

When you enter the Legend, you realize the ride will be a pleasurable one. Forget about intensity and a quick session with Jenna's rubber pussy - this pussy deserves you to take your time and enjoy it! The first time you pump this FLG, the texture will be softer and more delicate than expected. Once you use the Legend for a few times, and fuck it SLOOOWLY, then you will be able to feel the variations on the tunnel size and the changes of texture along the tunnel. The feelings are good, like a nice sloppy blowjob or fucking a mature horny woman - both feelings that go hand in hand with Jenna Jameson.

The texture allows for full control of your session, giving a hell of an orgasm buildup. The only issue with the sleeve is that as soon I went pumping fast, I lost the feeling of the texture, forcing me to slow down and feel all the variations inside the toy. Definitively, a slow fucker.

Verdict: The Legend is a texture that represents well its inspiration. The Legend FLG is a toy that feels like a veteran, demanding you to take your time with her. If you do, it will take you to brutal orgasms. If you rush it, the Legend will do the work, but it will be a "bleh" experience. Recommended for longer sessions.

RPP Score:

Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 4/5
Durability: 5/5
Value: 5/5

Total Score: 23/25