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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RPP 3.5: Jenna Haze's Obsession ("New" FLG Texture) (RPP #125)

So, during my vacations, there were a few additions to the Fleshlight Girls (FLG) roster. No new girls, but two veterans got a "make over"!

To begin, Tera Patrick classic Twister is now her anal texture, while the Teaser is her new vaginal toy. Then, Jenna Haze got rid of the weird and inconsistent Maze and got an Obsession for her vagina and Lust for her ass. I already received Tera's new orifices and Jenna's ass to review them for you!

Wait, why I did not get Jenna's Obsession texture? Because I already reviewed it... three years ago!

The Obsession is yet another Fleshjack texture that made the crossover to Fleshlight Girls. In this case, the Obsession is the feminine orifice for the Bliss (read the review HERE). As I wrote for the Bliss back in 2011:

The Bliss is one of those insane textures that you wish to have in a female mold. The texture is only available with the butt entrance which I don't really mind. As you can see from the picture, the sleeve begins with a series of highly pronounced ribs leading to an array of down pointing fangs with a reducing canal. just watching the picture, you expect an intense ride and it delivers.

Although the Bliss seems to be extremely intense, I found it subtler than expected. In fact, it is pleasurable - one of the most pleasurable sleeves that I have. Once you enter, the ribs give a strong initial feedback - they show your penis' head who is the boss right away. The prepare you for the fang assault that follows. It is a soft attack, but it is relentless, coming from all around. Your penis is touched constantly by the fangs and the longer you are, the more these fangs are going to "sink" on you - remember that the sleeve gets narrower the deeper you penetrate.

A good thing of this sleeve is that it gives constant feedback, but allows for your control. It requires a little bit of practice, but you can vary the buildup of your orgasms depending the speed and depth of your thrusts. If you want a long, mind blowing orgasm, go slow and shallow to enjoy the fangs. If you want to have a quickie, just fuck the sleeve with middle speed long thrusts to enjoy both the entrance ribs and the fangs. Either way, your eyes are going to roll up.

Back then, I told you the Bliss was a must-have toy. Now with Jenna's pussy as its orifice, my opinion is not different.

Updating the score to RPP 3.5:

Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 3/5
Durability: 5 / 5 
Value: 5/5

RPP 3.5 Score: 23 / 25 

RPP 3.5: Kuudom Trail Rook (RPP #124)

Today, I am sharing with you the last one of the toys I took on the road during my vacations: the Kuudom Trail Rook.

First Impressions
Like the Groom series and its cousin the Bishop, the Trail Rook is packaged in an elegant and discrete case, including a single use warming lube sample. Like the Bishop, the Rook is an open ended toy, so you can use it as an onahole if you are not too thick.  
Unlike the Bishop, which has a texture that is not too stimulating, the Rook's inner texture looks like a medieval torture gadget. It has rows after rows of triangular spikes, promising insane levels of intensity.

Just like I did with the Bishop, I tried first the Rook as a head masturbator. The spikes really felt good, although not as intense as I expected. Still, the Rook has to be taken seriously, because when the spikes hit the right places, the sensations were electric. I had a couple of really strong orgasms with this thing, 

As a onahole, the Rook was tight around my penis shaft and I have to say I liked it even more as a onahole. I was able to puh my penis through it so the spikes on the top hit the neck of my penis while the rest of the toy was caressing the upper shaft. The sensations were strong and easier to control than when using the Rook as a glans exciter, giving me long (and messy) ejaculations.

If there is a negative thing about this toy is how messy the cleanup could be. Since the toy has a wide opening on both sides, semen will go everywhere, so be sure to have some cleanup wipes available. Cleaning the Rook itself is super easy and quick. 

The Rook is a definitive travel toy. It is not for everyone, but  is an inexpensive addition to your playtime arsenal. 

Score: 19 / 25

Feedback: 4 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 4 / 5
Realism: 2 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

RPP 3.5: Kuudom Trail Bishop (RPP #123)

Your friendly neighbor El Casque is back from a well deserved vacation - although I kept posting a few reviews during my travels. Today, I am sharing with you yet another of the toys I took on the road: the Kuudom Trail Bishop.

First Impressions

This toy is made by the same people responsible of the Groom series and it follows the same elegant design ideas, but with the Trail series, they made a few changes. First, they changed the color of the material to black (it is still the same material as in the Groom Wild Touch). Second, the tin can shape is gone,with this toy having a shape resembling the bishop chess piece (that's where the name comes from I guess). Third, unlike the Groom series, the Trail Bishop is an open-ended toy, allowing you to use it either as a head masturbator or as a onahole if your little friend is not too wide.

I love toys giving me options, specially when they have textures that seem to be not too stimulating. The Bishop has a texture of rounded, finger-shaped nubs to massage your little friend. Being rounded, they give a gentle massage, but the shape of the toy allows you to place your fingers around the mid section of the "8", creating a choke point to increase the stimuli.


I used the lube included with the Bishop and went on to play with this curious toy. During my first try, I used it as a head masturbator, using it the same way I used the Groom models. The session was interesting because the toy is not too stimulating, but rubbing the nubs over the right places on my penis' head got me to take a few breaks to control myself.

My penis is of average width (4.5 inches of girth), so I tried the Bishop as an onahole. Passing my penis' head through the second top hole gave interesting sensations. I got the nubs rubbing part of the penis head and shaft at all times, making me cum buckets in what I call "relaxing orgasm" - an ejaculation that doesn't make you breathe faster or harder, but leaves you spent and in a total relaxed state.

Cleaning the Bishop is super easy, although cleaning yourself after using it could be a different matter.

The Bishop is one of those toys that surprises you. A gentle stimulation toy that well used can give you deep and strong orgasms.... Add a compact size, cool design, and a total discrete case for travel and you have a cool toy to take on the road!

Score: 18 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 4 / 5
Realism: 2 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RPP 3.5: Groom Wild Touch (RPP #122)

Today I am sharing with you the review of another of my travel companions – the Groom Wild Touch.

First Impressions

Just like the Mild Touch, this toy has an elegant and discrete package that makes it perfect for travel. This toy is also a head masturbator and has a texture designed to be more intense than its “brother” the Mild Touch. Instead of cute petals, the Wild Touch has rows of triangular indents that reminds me shark teeth. The “teeth” are slightly harder than the petals from the Mild Touch, but the material is still stretchy and comfortable to use.


The Wild Touch included its own small sample of lube, so after forming the funny cylinder, I placed it over my penis' head and began to have fun with this little toy. Like the Mild Touch, getting an average penis inside the toy requires some manipulation, but once in place, the toy stays there with no effort.

Again, with head masturbators you need to variate the movements of your hand. My favorites where a twisting movement (like turning a radio knob), and a slow short up and down movement concentrated on my frenulum. The stimulation is higher than with the Mild Touch, but is not enough to drive you “wild”. The sensations are stronger than with the softer version, but still the toy will take more than 20 minutes to take you to the edge.

Cleaning the Groom Wild Touch is super easy – squeeze it to release you cum, then turn it inside out to clean with running water. You can dry towel this small toy or you can leave it out for air drying. Once dry, just fold and put it back inside its carrying case.

The Groom Wild Touch is a nice toy to have if you want something to have fun while on the road or at places where you need total discretion about your masturbatory habits. The toy is easily hidden, easily cleaned, and builds strong and long orgasms. A good travel companion!

Score: 19 / 25

Feedback: 4 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 4 / 5
Realism: 2 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Friday, August 15, 2014

RPP 3.5: HEPS H5 (Tight) (RPP #121)

Last year, I reviewed what is in my opinion, the best oral sex simulator available on the market: the HEPS Fantastic. It is a pricey toy, but it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Now, this year HEPS began to sell the sleeves as “system parts”  and you can get them in the United States for about $20. There are two models available – the H3 or the replacement for the HEPS Fantastic sleeve and the H5, a tighter, ribbed model that promises to be more intense than the H3. I took my HEPS system on the road with this H5 sleeve and today I am sharing my impressions on this little sucker.

First Impressions

First of all, you need to have the HEPS Fantastic to use the H5 Tight Hole to its full potential, since it is sold as optional / replacement parts for it. It comes in an elegant plastic box with an infographic comparing the H3 (the one coming with the HEPS Fantastic) and the H5. The infographic is in Japanese, but just looking at the drawing of the texture, you can deduct three things about the H5:

  • It is going to be more intense than the H3 because the texture is a ribbed canal with a variable diameter.
  • It is going to less realistic than the H3, and
  • The mouth is going to develop tears sooner than the H3 because the entrance is tighter and the material on the sides is less flexible.

The material is exactly the same as in the HEPS Fantastic, but the sleeve is bulkier, thus taking some flexibility off the sides of the mouth.

You place it into the HEPS handling case as you do regularly, giving you the same combinations of pressure and suction than the HEPS Fantastic.


Don't tell me it's not sexy!!!
Once in place, the H5 looks inviting so I accepted its invitation. Because I know how intense ribbed toys can be, I applied lots of lube to this toy and that precaution paid off. The H3 is tight and the ribs make them present right away, pressing all around your penis. If you are skimpy on the lube, be prepared to put your cock into a cheese grater!

Properly lubed, the H5 is a great toy for edging sessions. The ribs will put you on the edge of cumming soon into your session and the HEPS system allows you to try different combinations of suction and pressure, so take your time and make small adjustments to the system between strokes...

Orgasms with the H5 can only be described as brutal. Ejaculations were long and strong every time I used this toy – in fact, they were so strong I could feel my cock shooting event through the thick material!

Showing the tears after 4 sessions
Like the HEPS Fantastic, the H5 is easy to clean, although it can take an eternity to dry on open air, so I recommend drying the interior with a paper towel before allowing to air dry.

The main drawback of the HEPS line is the tearing on the corner of the mouth. No matter how delicate you are with this toy, the corners of the mouth are going to rip at least half an inch. I find those tears improve the sensation since they allow me to move the toy easier, but many users will feel cheated when a new toy rips like that.

The H5 Tight is a welcomed option for the HEPS system. It gives the already impressive HEPS a more aggressive texture that will give you awesome orgasms with its variety of pressure and suction adjustments. Too bad its durability is on the low side...

Score: 19 / 25

Feedback: 5 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5
Realism: 3 / 5
Durability: 3 / 5
Value: 3 / 5

Monday, August 11, 2014

Missing my girls...

When I started using dolls a few years ago, I joined the internet doll forums to learn more about how to modify my only doll at the time to improve my experiences with it. I began to read the different threads and discovered the deep relationships some of the members had with their synthetic partners. At the time, I have to admit, I found those relationships odd and off the track. I thought some of those guys were weirdos by giving personalities to their dolls and having such strong feelings about them... 

Fast forward four years (and a growing collection of sex dolls),  and now I find myself missing my “girls” while I am traveling. Somehow, I developed my own type of relationship with my synthetic harem.

When at home, I don't talk to them or treat them as living being at all times.  Most of the time they are just another thing I have in the apartment – like furniture or part of the decoration. They are just there, but with time, I had gotten used to their physical presence in my life. They had become something more than just furniture. They had become part of my life.

If you are a doll owner, you will definitively understand what I am saying. If you are not a doll owner, explaining the effect these synthetic companions have on the human brain is almost impossible. My body and brain had gotten used to their presence, gotten to feel one (or two) lying next to me during lonely nights, and even the moments when I am taking care of them fixing a new wig or organizing their outfits. It can be silly, but I do miss them...

Don't get me wrong... I am enjoying everything about my travels – the places, the people, and specially the food – but at times, I really want to have one of my dolls with me. It is a special sensation that after a few weeks on the road I begin to miss. 

Well, anyway, I will be home soon...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

RPP 3.5: Groom's Mild Touch (RPP #120)

As you know, I am enjoying a long trip to visit family and friends and during this trip, I picked six toys to keep myself “entertained”. Today I am sharing with you the review of the first of these toys – Groom Mild Touch.

First Impressions

I bought this toy based on the elegant and discrete package it has. You look it and at a quick glance, it looks like the container of a hair gel or a body cream, but the contents is nothing like that!

Cute, no?
When you open the container, what you get is a toy known as a head masturbator – a toy that fits just over the gland of the penis – and helps you to stimulate the gland until orgasm. These toys are very popular in Asia because they are cheap, disposable, and easy to carry. Because of their small size, you can carry it in your pocket, briefcase, or backpack so you can masturbate on the road. The Groom Mild Touch has a delicate texture with a series of soft tabs resembling the petals of a flower, looking like one when you open the translucent plastic case. You need to manipulate the toy so it takes the form of a small cylinder when it is ready to be used. 


The Groom includes a small pouch of a watery lube, so after some rinsing with water and some manipulation, it was ready for play. Getting the toy over the head of my penis was relatively easy (my best friend has a girth of 4.5 inches), but if your penis is wider or bigger, you could have some issues stretching the material.

Once in place, it stays in position since the entrance is snug enough. Unlike the regular masturbation sleeve, head masturbators require a different type of movement to take you to orgasm. Instead of the usual up / down movement, you need to twist the toy around the penis  - as if you are turning the volume knob of a radio – or make short up / down movements of the sleeve focusing the frenulum. I found those short movements to give the best stimulation, giving the sensation of fingertips rubbing my penis. As the toy's name says, its texture has a low stimulation range, giving a delicate sensation I found really enjoyable – perfect for long sessions while watching blow job or tug job porn.

Because the toy has mild stimulation, the sessions are long and the orgasm buildup is perfect. You have total control of your pace and when you decide to cum, be prepared for powerful shots that let you with the desire of doing it all again.

Cleaning the Groom Mild Touch is super easy – squeeze it to release you cum, then turn it inside out to clean with running water. You can dry towel this small toy or you can leave it out for air drying. Once dry, just fold and put it back inside its carrying case.

I mentioned the toy is disposable, but you can use it a few times before you need to trash the toy. So far I had used my Mild Touch about seven times and it looks and feel as if I just opened the package.

The Groom Mild Touch is a cool toy to have if you want something to have fun while on the road or at places where you need total discretion about your masturbatory habits. The toy is easily hidden, easily cleaned, and builds strong and long orgasms. A good travel companion!

Score: 19 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5
Realism: 2 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Friday, August 1, 2014

Lube Rules

“I bought this toy because I read great reviews including yours, but this toy is a piece of shit! It's worthless! How it got a high score?”

I get comments and messages like that since I started writing this blog four years ago. I don't get personally offended because I know all of us have different tastes and enjoy different sensations, but I also have another reason. I know that the lube you use will affect how the toy feel.

You see, a few years ago you maybe had two or three brands of water based lubricants to use. Unless you went to a sex shop, the only option you had in drugstores was K-Y and maybe a store brand. Now, we have hundreds – if not thousands – of brands from the United States, Japan, and Europe. Brands have regular, warming, edible, cooling, fruit flavored, and  God knows what other varieties are on the shelves. Trying and reviewing all of them is basically IMPOSSIBLE!

Now, each one of these lubes have five characteristics that influence your experience with a toy. These characteristics joined to the material and texture of your toy will create your experience. If you combine the toy with an appropriate lube, your experience will be a good one. If you use the “wrong” lube, then the experience won't be great and there is a big chance you will blame the toy.

What are the characteristics? Those are thickness, elasticity, slickness, texture, and residue. Let's define them:

  • Thickness. Lubricants come in a variety of thicknesses (viscosity) from the very liquid that is almost like water to the gels you can almost cut with a knife. 
  • Elasticity. A property often confused with viscosity, elasticity is how long the lube clings to a surface before breaking. If you have ever used honey, that is a good example of an elastic liquid.
  • Slickness. This is how long the lube reduces friction before needing to be reactivated by adding water or reapplied.
  • Texture. Depending on its ingredients, some lubes can feel oily or even grainy.
  • Residue. Again depending on its ingredients, lubes can leave residues on the skin and the toy that can feel oily, grainy, or leave no residue at all.

How these affect your experience

Again, I haven't tested all the brands of lube available in the market, but in practice, I apply some rules to match lubes with toys to get the results I want for that session. I will share them with you and use them if you want...

Rule #1: Thick lubes lower the intensity of the toy's texture.
A thicker lube will “dampen” the intensity of the toy at the beginning of the session because it covers your penis and the tunnel of the toy with more material. You will take longer to feel the texture of your toy and the sensation will be gradual as the lube gets consumed by friction. If you use a thick lube with an intense toy expecting to have a quick session, you will be disappointed and feel the toy is not as sold.

Rule #2: Don't use watery lubes with open-ended lubes.
It sounds silly, but I hate having a lot of lube on my hands while using a toy – it makes holding the toy almost impossible. That's why I don't use thin, watery lubes with open ended toys. For those I choose mid-thickness or thick lubes so they stay inside the tunnel as long as possible.

Rule #3: Smooth toys feel better with thicker lubes.
I don't know if its me, but when I use a smooth texture like the Fleshlight Original or the Lilith Uterus, they feel better when the lube is thicker. This is maybe because I like long sessions (more than 45 minutes) and the thicker lubes allow me to enjoy the sensations of these toys for up to two hours without needing reapplication. Another effect is that the orgasms are super intense because the session is longer than normal and the sleeve sensations become present in a gradual way as the lube gets diluted with my pre-cum.

Rule #4: Japanese lubes feel more realistic.
When I want to feel as if I am fucking a real life pussy, I tend to use Japanese lubes or lotions. These lubes – available through Toy Demon, QueenCat Adult Toys, Kanojo Toys, and other Japanese toys sellers – tend to be more elastic and slightly thicker than their American counterparts, simulating the consistency of real body fluids. There are a zillion brands, but I can recommend Pipi, Lube Company, and Tenga Real as good realistic lubes.

Rule #5: Have three lubes available at all times.
I keep three lubes in use at all times to accommodate the toy I am using with the right type of lube. You don't need to buy three different brands – you can buy a thick lube like KY Jelly, Muoko, or any store brand, then pour some in two separate empty bottles and dilute them in different concentrations. That way you have three versions of lube viscosity to try with your toys.

Again, these are “rules” I use on my practice – I hope they are useful to you guys!