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List: Casquetero's Favorites - UPDATED! (12/30/2014)

After hundreds of postings and years of reviewing toys, it is inevitable to have a bunch of favorites. I have a few toys I really enjoy on a regular basis, other toys that I would have never bought, and some that I have for "special occasions". In this page, I will share with you my favorites on four categories: toys for beginners, travel toys, low-budget toys, and my Top Essentials.

Favorite Toys for BEGINNERS
So you are in the market for your first toy - but have no idea on what to spend your hard earned cash. You want to enjoy your sessions, but don't want to waste money, so what the hell you should buy? These toys provide a range of sensations between middle and high intensity.

  • Fleshlight STU / Nipple Alley / Bliss - Any one of these textures will have enough intensity to make you a Fleshcrack addict. Great toys to build up your stamina and develop control.
  • Fleshlight "B3GOF": Vortex + Speed Bump + Wonder Wave  - With this combo you get 3 great sleeves giving a variety of sensations while you save $20 per toy.
  • Mood Beads - Small and cheap toy that has an intense texture similar to the Fleshlight STU.
  • Venus Cross - Perfect to experience what meikis are about, without paying the high price.
  • Succubus Wave 2D - Medium intensity that feels perfect.
IMPORTANT : If you are buying masturbators for the first time in your life, avoid any toy with a smooth surface. If you had been using your hand to masturbate, it is highly possible you had developed some desensitization on your penis - also known as Death Grip Syndrome (DGS). If your first masturbator is smooth or with a low intensity level (like most meikis), then you wont feel the toy and will mistakenly think the toy is crap.

Favorite Toys for TRAVEL
If you have to travel regularly, you probably had looked for something you can carry on your luggage without the wary looks of the TSA. These toys have an elegant design, so they look as anything except sex toys, and are small enough to pack in your carry on.   

  • HEPS Fantastic - Expensive but very discreet when closed. Also, it feels really good, so splurge! 
  • Fleshlight Flight - Cool case design, compact size, and non-descriptive orifice.
  • Mood Series - Small, cheap, and without the pussy look, these toys are good for traveling. Go for the Beads or Thick Ribs for intensity, ZigZag for longer sessions, and Thin for pure tightness torture.
  • Work at Night masturbator - Simple but effective design.
  • Ona Pit Series - Easy to pack, easy to use, easy to clean. Perfect for travel.

Favorite Toys for TIGHT BUDGETS
You want to play with these toys, but they are expensive! And you are broke! So, what to do? You can try one of my low budget favorites - each toy with prices below $35. Hey, that's cheaper than a movie and a fast food dinner for two! (And unlike the date, you know you are going to cum in the toy!)
  • Ona Pit Series - Just $6 each and reusable. Better than the bare hand and cheaper than a beer (at least in NY).
  • G-Mode LX-2 - This Japanese sleeve is on the small side, but for about $20, you get a realistic, intense toy that is sure to please.
  • Succubus masturbators - Three different textures, three different firmness levels, great quality... and all that for less than $30.
  • Mood Pleaser Series - For $30, you can get three different textures on a pocket size toy. Yes, they are small and funny looking, but they are good for the money.
  • Silicone masturbation pad - Companies in both the USA and Japan realized that a flat piece of silicone could do the job. Look for names like "Loco Tako" or "Ona Sheet" - they are textured pads for less than $10 in most cases. Get some lubricant and go to town. 
Casquetero's TOP ESSENTIALS toys.
This is the list of toys I would take to a solitary island, given that I have all the supply of lubricant that I need. The names can change in the future, but the list will ALWAYS have this distribution: at least one high intensity toy, one low intensity toy, one realistic toy and three medium intensity toys.

Right now, my essential toys would be...
  • High: Fleshlight Obsession / Fleshjack Bliss
  • High: Fleshlight Attack / Fleshjack Revel
  • Medium: Fleshlight Tease
  • Medium: Venus Real
  • Medium: Succubus Dots
  • Medium: AINO Mature
  • Low: Fleshlight Original
  • Low: Lilith Uterus
  • Realistic: Meiki Chika Eiro
  • Realistic: Virgin Sister Meiki


  1. I like your list but where the heck are you buying these toys? If Amazon do you enjoy the any of the Sexflesh brand toys they have

    1. I buy from different places - check the page "Where do I buy this stuff?" for the answer to your question.

      I had not bought any of the Sexflesh toys from Amazon because they seem to have textures like the Sasha Grey masturbator - and I am not a big fan of its ribbed texture. I have heard good things about the hips and the doll they sell in this material, so I could be considering one of those (when I make space at home).

      Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Casquetero, I have a question to the Succubus line. Is the Succubus worth it if this toy costs almost 2.5x more (40€) compared to a Si-x toy (15€)? The Tomax products in Europe are quite expensive!

    1. Wow! Is not only that Tomax products are expensive in Europe (they sell basically 2x their price in the US!), but also that you can get Si-X products brutally cheap (I saw a Si-X type N for 10 euros or US $12).

      The Tomax toys are great, but at that price I would stay using the Si-X toys...

    2. Ok thanks. By the way the Si-X serie is the only one which is cheaper compared to the US. Everything costs at least! 30% more. Yeah Omochadreams is quite a monopoly over here :(

  3. I was just wondering if there is any chance that you'll be ranking your fleshlights sometime. I'm in the market to add a few to my collection but am having a difficult time deciding. The sleeve which I am considering are the Obsession, Tease, Indulge, Bi-Hive, Tornado, Dragon, Legend and Punk.

    I am also considering replacing my STU since it's 8 years old, worn down, the material isn't the same as before and because of all that I haven't used it in about year. My stamina has gradually decreased in recent months as well for some reason, I'm wondering if this has anything to do with not using the STU. You would think my other sleeves would be enough to maintain my level of stamina.

    Any input would be much appreciated.


    1. I had the intention of ranking my reviews, but it requires too much time (at least with my limited web programming skills). Fortunately, Johnny from has done a great job of ranking and comparing the Fleshlight textures. I just agreed to share my reviews with them and my scoring will be part of their ranking - so there you can work out your decision.

      From the textures you mention, Obsession, Bi-Hive, and Punk are among the most intense textures so they are a good substitute for your old and battered STU. Tease, Tornado, and dragon are more subtle - giving you a more realistic feeling. Personally, I would get one of the intense and one of the realistic to get a variety of sensations. Obsession and Tease are a good combination as well as Bi-Hive and Tornado.

      About the stamina, it could be a combination of factors - age, diet, stress, health - so I won't take in account not using the STU. If all the other factors are OK, then maybe getting a Destroya, Obsession, or Bi-Hive could be a good substitute for the STU.

    2. Thank you for all your input. I forgot to mention in my post that I actually own several other sleeves including the Destroya and that is why I thought it was odd that I was losing stamina. But as you mentioned stress is a likely cause of this issue and I have been under a lot more of it in recent months.

      I'm actually probably going to get 5 sleeves since fleshlight has a deal where I can get a free Vibro+accessories if I spend over $200 but they are going to allow me to substitute it with a FLG. I think I will go with the Bi-Hive, Obsession, Tease, Tornado and Flight Endurance.

      Unfortunately the Flight Endurance was only produced in small numbers a year or so ago before being cut from the production line. Fleshlight has decided to sell their current stock to Canadian and Australian customers this weekend since they're being stored in their respective warehouses in those countries. I just thought I would mention this to you in case you're interested in getting one from the Canadian website. You would need to disguise your ip if you're not in Canada since I'm assuming you're in the USA from your username.

      Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving

    3. The "Endurance" did not grab my attention when it was sold in the US, so it's no big deal now...

      Your selections are a good balance between intensity and realism. Personally, I love the Tease and the Tornado because they feel sooo goood...

      Good I helped!


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