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Saturday, March 7, 2015

We moved!

We have moved The Casquetero Files to its new home,!

Why we moved?

Blogger recently announced they would not accept ANY type of nudity on their blogs. Although I do not sell or promote pornography on my websites, sometimes I use suggestive pictures and nude images from porn stars. In addition, I review sex toys that are realistic images of genitalia, so the new ruling could apply directly to my blog, closing it instantaneously... So I moved my stuff to Wordpress.

Even when Blogger announced they would keep their current policies just 2 days ago, I decided that the move was needed. After all, they can change their minds again, no?

When is it effective?
The new blog is up and running , so you can visit it RIGHT NOW! There are a few things I want to change, but you can read and comment at this time.

I will be deleting the Blogger version of The Casquetero Files by April 15, so you have plenty of time to update your Web bookmarks...

See you in my new house!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The blog is moving...

Due to the new Blogger policies related to blogs with sexual content, I will be moving the blog to a new domain in the following weeks. Keep tuned!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rubber Pussy Project #139: California Exotics APOLLO Reversible Masturbator Max

One reason I started using toys was to change the sensations I got while masturbating. I was tired of using my hands and toys allowed me to have new experiences almost on a daily basis. That's why when I see a toy like the Apollo Reversible series, I want to collect them all - which I did!

The first one I tested was the Max version which has a very aggressive look. Is this toy a good value or just another cheap American toy? Let's go to the review and see!

First Impression
My first impression of this toy was "Tenga 3D cheap copy". It is basically the same concept - a relatively small toy that you flip inside out to use the surface as the masturbator's texture. When I took it out of the box, that impression became stronger because it is basically the same size - 5 inches long by 2 wide -, but I noticed a few differences right away. the texture on this toy seems to be much more aggressive than any provided by the Tenga 3D line.

Since this toy is sold as a reversible toy with a smooth texture and the intense texture as an option, I used the Max in both versions. The smooth version shines thanks to its really good suction, allowing you to build up a fat load - if you like smooth toys. Since most of you guys don't care about smooth toys, I scored the toy based on the textured side only.

As I mentioned in the video, the texture is not overwhelming thanks to the different heights of the crossing lines, but the toy makes it presence felt at all times. With the texture, I could not last more than 25 minutes using this toy as an insert for my 1-AM Anime doll (review coming soon). If you have reading this blog, you know I prefer longer sessions, but still the Max beat me up in a few minutes.

Cleaning this toy is super easy. Rinse your fluids with some water before flipping the toy inside out for a more detailed cleaning. Drying is as easy as pat-drying it with a paper towel or a regular towel.

The Apollo Reversible Masturbator Max is an interesting toy to add to your collection if you are looking for a toy that is not too obvious and that you can take on the road. With a relatively low price averaging $25 (USA), it is a versatile toy to play either alone or with your partner.

RPP Score: 21 / 25
Feedback: 5/ 5
Orgasm Build Up: 4/ 5
Realism: 2 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rubber Pussy Project #138: Bad Dragon's Janine (Dragoness Pussy)

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know I am a fan of the Bad Dragon line of penetrable toys. I already reviewed their Anthro Mare (Mary) and their Dragon Butt - and I liked both. Today, I want to share with you my impressions on their Janine the Dragoness pussy.

Is this toy a good value? Is it worth its price? Let's go to the review!

First Impression
Like all the toys from Bad Dragon, the Janine is based on an anthropomorphic character. In this case, "Janine" is a female dragon with an always moist pussy and lots of fantasies involving a hard pounding - just like the one the VW is receiving below...

I just wanted to use this GIF...
When you see the Janine, its simplicity is beautiful. You get humanoid pussy lips surrounded by definitively reptilian scales and depending on the color you choose for your toy, it can be intimidating or hypnotizing. The texture, like most Bad Dragon toys, is organic, consisting on natural looking ridges that feel like skin folds. It promises a long session with a good control over the orgasm.

As expected, Janine took me for a long session, regardless if I went hard like a dragon or nice and easy. The texture feels real (humanly real) and gives you a good control over the pacing. The tunnel is pretty wide, allowing your penis to expand and enjoy the ridges at all times.

If you are using this toy as the insert of a doll, the scales surrounding the humanoid pussy takes you to Fantasy Land and suddenly you are fucking a dragoness, a reptilian alien (V), or even that female gargoyle from the Gargoyles cartoon. Once you get in that mode - everything goes!

This bitch is hot (and blue)!
Of course, I can keep writing about this toy for a while, but since I already recorded a video, let me you watch it before continuing...


If you are into the fantasy / furry / anthro fetish, Bad Dragon toys are unique in the market. The Janine does not give unique sensations - its texture is pretty standard - but it is a powerful fantasy provider for those fans of sci-fi who would like to fuck a reptilian character. Add the quality of silicone and you have a decent toy for your collection.

RPP Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 3/ 5
Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5
Realism: 4 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Friday, February 13, 2015

Article: Fuck Valentine's Day!

When I first wrote this entry, I wrote a long rant against celebrating Saint Valentine's Day. After all, it is another commercial holiday designed just to sell overpriced chocolates, flowers, cards, and lingerie - things that you can buy 10 times cheaper ANY OTHER DAY. After all, it is the day when you MUST have a romantic partner so you don't feel like a pathetic loser. After all, it is the day when you BETTER be a romantic guy if you expect to get some pussy / head / ass combo action from your partner. After all, it is the day when you (finally) drop to one knee and ask your girlfriend to be your wife in a crowded restaurant because it is so fucking romantic...

But then, I thought it over...

If I wrote a rant like that, it will look as if I am resentful of being single at my 40's. Or it will look I'm jealous of all those couples smooching in restaurants, or angry because I'm not getting pussy that night. The fact is - I don't care about Valentine's Day.

I stopped caring about that day since I was in high school. Oh, yes, I was the fat, nerdy kid. Yes, I was the one guy in the classroom who never received as much as a card (unless there was a mass-delivered "friendship" note). But at the same time, I had realized by my 15th birthday that all the Valentine's activity meant nothing. The girls who were my friends would continue being my friends after February 14. The girls who would give me head or pussy, would give it after that date. Those who usually ignored me would continue to ignore me after the same day. A chocolate, a flower, or a card did not change anything...
Years passed and girlfriends came and went - not too many, but still enough to be counted - and Valentine's Day never felt right to me. Flowers bought were trashed after a few days, jewelry was given and returned, chocolates and fancy dinners went the same way any other food went. She would get some expensive / overpriced item, I would get some pussy / head / ass combo and life would continue as usual.

I stopped celebrating Valentine's Day about 20 years ago when the girlfriend at the time told me to forget that shit. If we needed a special day to have a fancy dinner, some romanticism, and some sex, then we were a pair of assholes. We broke 3 years later due to her family getting into the relationship, but that a different story...

The thing is February 14 is just another day in the calendar for me. If I have a romantic partner by that date, I tell her not to expect any special gift on her workplace - I'm not sending gifts to an office full of harpies - but to wait a surprise within a few weeks. Usually the surprise is an experience BOTH of us enjoy like a weekend trip or a vacation somewhere we had discussed to visit. Those are experiences that last more than any diamond. More than often, when I cross paths with a former girlfriend, she still remembers the weekend we spent on a beach cabin, or the week long cruise we took when we were together. Sometimes they let that out in front of their current boyfriends / husbands and their faces are priceless...
This year I am alone, so I will do what I do every single day - LIVING MY LIFE AS I WANT. 

Other guys had realized the same thing and call themselves MGTOWs (mig-tow), living their lives by their own priorities. For a change they declared February 14 as the International MGTOW Day - basically a boycott to the "traditional" Valentine's Day. Instead of buying the usual VD fare to celebrate "love", they propose to celebrate your own single man day... Here is the original proposal from The Mayor of MGTOWN.

I do not need to celebrate MGTOW day - I have been doing that for many, many years now, but I am joining the celebration. Originally I was spending the VD weekend in Atlantic City, hitting the casinos, some of the strip clubs nearby the hotel I like to stay when I go there, and receiving one or two "happy ending" massages from a Vietnamese masseuse who  has a fetish for fat guys (she gives them free to her fat clients). 

Too bad my travel plans were cancelled due to a leg injury (fucking ice on the sidewalk), but I plan to treat myself anyway. That Saturday, I will wake late, prepare my favorite food, watch a few movies and if the pills allow it, have a drink or two. If I want sex, I will do it with one (or two) of my doll harem - even buying a new one is cheaper than a VD date. 

Or maybe, I just sleep all day long... those painkillers are trippy...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Discovering my fetishes...

As I wrote on my New Year's Resolutions post, one of my goals for this year is to go beyond the rubber pussies and share some of my other interests with you.  My use of sex toys in the past 5 years had allowed me to experience new sensations and I know some of my toy preferences are because of fetishes I had kept undiscovered or dormant through my life.This year, I decided to finally allow my demons to come out and play -  and I will write about them here...

If you are like most people, the word fetish brings you images of leather, women in stiletto heels, whips, paddles, and other sadomasochism stuff. To me, it brings memories of tying and spanking former partners who enjoyed those practices, conversations about kinky sex, and playtime with toys that create new sensations. I have a good idea of what I don't like - hardcore sadomasochism, pissing, or playing with shit are out of the picture - but I have problems to identify if the sensations and practices I enjoy are a real fetish or simply a momentary "phase". 

Lucky for me, I found this (old) web quiz and took it to see if the results made sense to me. Well, these were the results:

Main Fetish 
My answers to the quiz pointed to ANACLITISM, a pattern of deriving adult sexual arousal from objects that one was exposed to as an infant, usually by tactile sensations. Well, I get aroused by life-size dolls, specially the plush ones (9 of my sex dolls are plush dolls). Besides that, I really enjoy wearing soft fabrics like velour, fleece, and velvet.
Verdict:NAILED IT!

The quiz gave me also a list of secondary fetishes related to anaclitism. My "secondary fetishes" are:

Amaurophilia - This is a sexual preference for a blind or blindfolded sex partner. It also refers to having sex in total darkness. I will say that this one is true. Seeing my luchadora blindfolded (and handcuffed) is a major turn-on. When you cannot use a sense, the others work overtime. Knowing she wont see anything and her other senses will be more sensitive allows me to play with touch, smells, and flavors. It is really interesting to play like that... 
Verdict: NAILED IT!

Erotic asphyxiationAsphyxiating my partner (or being asphyxiated by her) simply does not call my attention. After all, many people had died from that practice. 
Verdict: FAILED IT! 
Hold the pose... I have a surprise for you!

Xenophilia - Arousal from unknown / foreign people or objects. I'm Hispanic and I LOVE Asian girls - Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Chinese. I see an Asian woman and automatically I have to check her out... even the bootleg DVD sellers in the Bronx look attractive to me!
Verdict: NAILED IT!

Nyotaimori  - Eating food using a human body as a plate. Have you seen those models who get sushi served on them? I had seen it and find it kinky, but never practiced it or really got my attention.


Transformation Fetish (TF) - TF is about entities transforming into something different - humans to animals, objects to humans, animals to humans - you name it. As a doll user, I practice this fetish every time I use these dolls. From being dolls made of cloth, plastic, and silicone, they become - in my mind at least - human lovers with their own personalities, kinks, and behaviors. Real or imaginary, I am transforming an object to a sexual object.
Verdict: NAILED IT! 

Dinner is served...
Of course, this quiz is kind of old, but the answers nailed most of my personality. Sharing these results with a friend IRL, he suggested joining FetLife to learn more and get together with others sharing my fetishes. Well, I did... 

So, if you are in FetLife, and you are an Asian lady who likes to dress in soft fabrics, be tied, blindfolded, and spanked occasionally,  look for casquetero and feel free to send me a message...

Let's play together!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rubber Pussy Project #137: Fleshlight's Indulge (Angela White's Pussy)

I already reviewed Angela White's ass texture - Entice - and gave it high marks as a simple, elegant, and ultra pleasurable texture. Today, it is the turn to review her pussy texture. Is the Indulge going to be as effective and pleasurable as the Entice? Let's go to the review!

First Impression
Like the Entice, the Indulge has a simple and elegant texture. It has a wavy tunnel design similar to the Lotus that gets tighter the deeper you go. To give stimulation to your penis, the Indulge has rows of circular bumps of different sizes following the contours of the tunnel. This design promises a medium intensity session with lots of pleasure and a huge orgasm build up period.

Lets say that the Indulge promises pleasure and it delivers. When you penetrate this toy, you hit a pinch point created by the big circles near to the entrance and from there, your penis is engulfed into the toy. The sensations are there, but they are not overwhelming. You will feel the material tugging at all times, becoming this type of sensation that you don't want to stop feeling.

The suction in this toy is the normal expected from a Fleshlight, but because of the tunnel shape, it feels stronger than usual. You can play with the endcap and the texture will feel more or less pronounced, but still the tugging will feel great - even if you are an average or smaller sized guy.

Cleaning is easy as usual and drying is pretty quick, usually ready for storage after an overnight air dry.


The Indulge is a perfect texture for those looking for a toy that keeps you in the mood but is not too intense. This toy has an elegant design that delivers a tugging sensation perfect for long and slow sessions ending in brutal orgasms. 

RPP Score: 23 / 25
  • Feedback: 4/ 5
  • Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5
  • Realism: 4 / 5
  • Durability: 5 / 5
  • Value: 5 / 5

My FleshAssist score for this texture: 7.78.  The Stimulation, Cleanup, and Lube Use categories got high marks (8 - 9) with the rest in the 7 - 8 points level.

Everything is bigger in Australia...