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Thursday, November 28, 2013

TOY DEMON Black Friday Sale

Toy Demon will have their annual Black Friday sale beginning at midnight November 29 (Central Time) and will go until Monday December 2.

EVERYTHING is on sale, so if you want a new toy for the cold days, it is a good opportunity to buy the one of your dreams!

Don't know what to buy? Let me tell you a few of my favorites...

  1. Meiki Plush Doll 
  2. Meiki ZXY
  3. HEPS Fantastic
  4. Monster Kakusei
  5. G-Mode 2
  6. Meiki 008
  7. TENGA Flip Hole Red

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

FLESHLIGHT Black Friday Special Sale

Fleshlight just released their annual Black Friday sale offering 25% off on everything on their websites. If you wanted to buy an authentic Fleshlight or Fleshjack, this is a good chance to get it at a lower price!

Don't know what to buy? Let me help you with my list of TOP 10 Fleshlights / Fleshjacks:
  1. Bliss (intense)
  2. Flight Instructor (medium to intense)
  3. Revel (medium to intense)
  4. STU (intense)
  5. Super Ribbed (intense)
  6. Torrid (medium)
  7. Tornado (medium)
  8. Twista (medium)
  9. Marvel (medium to intense)
  10. Bookworm (smooth)
These are my favorites at this time -  but anything can change after the sale!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Friday Is Coming...

Yep, Black Friday is coming and with it the yearly ridiculous herds of people buying stuff in malls across the United States. It has become such a tradition, that mega stores decided to simply open on Thanksgiving to "avoid chaos"... (Yeah, right...)

"Where is my PS4?!"
Of course, I will participate on the Black Friday sales, but not for a PS4 or a Xbox One, or other electronics... My wishlist is about "other" toys, and I just need a computer, access to the Net, and my almost maxed out credit cards!

This year, my wishlist is small, not because money is tight, but because I have most of the toys I wanted. Still, there are a few toys I would like to get at the right price. Lets see them:
If ILF makes a signature texture for the latest FLG Joanna Angel, I'm on the boat. In fact, if they launch any new signature texture, I would sign in and use my Fleshbucks.
The Demons had been quietly adding mid-range toys to their inventory, but they normally give huge deals on their premium toys for Black Friday. I have the classic Tong-GGO on my wishlist as well as the 18 Tatoo and the 18 Dream. I saw some new onasheets from Magic Eyes which could be interesting to use... If on sale, I could finally buy a Maria Ozawa meiki, but some reason, I am not too interested in that toy.
One of my favorite stores for Black Friday deals is Pink Cherry. Their sales are so good that you can get toys for the whole year for just $100. I am not kidding when I say that I got toys from them last year that I still haven't used!

Anyway, they already have a Private Sale (you need to subscribe to their e-mail listing) with toys at 80% of their price. I am looking to order Maximus Power Stroker, and one or two of the Jackers Pleasers.

I had always liked the dolls from Ruby 13, but until I win the lottery or move to a bigger apartment, these ladies will have to wait. They are on sale now at $3,600 - so if a voluptuous silicone lady is on your wishlist, this is a good time to get one!

What is your wishlist for this year?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Website Updates: Fleshjack Ecstasy review

Today, I added the review for the Fleshjack Ecstasy, a low intensity texture exclusive to the Fleshjack Boys line of toys.

Want to read the review? Click here to read it!

In addition, I added a review for one of the textures retired by Fleshlight - the Eva Angelina 69 Caliber. It was a gimmicky texture, but still a nice texture once you learned to appreciate it. Unfortunately, it did not sell enough units and was shelved by ILF.

Remember that texture HERE...