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Saturday, April 28, 2012

RPP 3.0 #8: Work at Night Masturbator (RPP #60)

We all have heard the KISS principle: "Keep It Simple, Stupid!" Apparently someone at the Japanese company TOMAX was listening to this principle when designing the Work at Night masturbator. Is its simplicity good? Lets see...

General Description
The Work at Night masturbator is a study in simplicity. Everything is simple in its design: the entrance is just a hole without any pussy lips or design, its exterior has no designs or grooves to improve grip, and the interior texture is just a series of ribs with different diameters. When you see the Work at Night and compare it with other masturbation toys, you look at it and say to yourself "That's a fucking ugly toy! I won't spend money on that shit!" It doesn't promise much, but as a friend liked to say, sometimes you will like simpler things.


If you look at the Work at Night, you will regard it to be one of those cheap masturbation toys that won't feel right. After submitting the Work at Night to my tests, I have to admit I was prejudiced against this Japanese masturbator. It is plain and simple... but good!

First, lets talk about the material. TOMAX  toys are very soft, but at the same time extremely durable. The Work at Night is no exception. The material is durable and soft, but unlike the Succubus and the Venus lines, the material of the Work at Night is sticky - very sticky. On the inside it is good since the stickiness improves the suction, but on the outside it attracts every single spec of dust around. The good news is that the material is very simple to clean with running water.

Now, lets talk about size. Unlike most Japanese toys, the Work at Night has a wide entrance hole perfect to penetrate while semi-erect. You can penetrate this rubber pussy with a half mast and work to a full erection while inside, increasing the suction and the sensations. another good thing about the Work at Night is that it measures a good 6 inches long - perfect length for those with a small to average sized penis. It is also a heavy toy - it weights almost a pound - so it is perfect for pounding hands free (given you find a good holder or mount).

The real surprise with this toy where the sensations. The tunnel of this masturbator has one of the simplest textures - ribs with a gradual change in diameter - but its simplicity works great with the material and the diameter of the overall tunnel. When you add all three, this toy becomes the equivalent of a Zen garden: simple and sublime at the same time. During my sessions with the Work at Night, I enjoyed a gentle rubbing from the ribs with a nice tugging sensation from the sticky material. Even pounding it hands free (I was able to squeeze it into "Alexa's" hole), the Work at Night tugged my penis and simply milked me in every session.

Cleaning the Work at Night was easy thanks to its wide entrance. Drying was also fast, making this masturbator a good toy for those lazy, horny mornings. Something funny about this toy is the paper apron included. The manufacturer includes not only the usual lube sample, but in this case, they also add a paper apron for to put over your groin and avoid the mess after you finish. Nice touch for a toy on the below $25 range.

Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 4/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 4/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 3/5 

Value: High
Preference: Medium

Total score:  34 / 40

The Work at Night masturbator is a nice toy for beginners and those on a budget. It has a simple but durable design that feels much better than its looks.

I used FleshLube Water as the lubricant for this review.

Next Stop: ?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A quick review of 3 dolls...

Doing the Spring cleaning, I realized that I had been using a few dolls I haven't reviewed here, so there are three quick reviews of these dollies.

Doll #1: Candy8Teen "Kimberly" (a.k.a. The Schoolgirl)

I got this doll in December when Candy8Teen put on sale. This doll is small - just 42 inches tall from head to toe - and light, weighting about 5 pounds. Even with that small size, the friends at C18 made this small lady all woman, so no one can say it is based on a child. "Kimberly" has a full developed figure, with maybe the best breast / ass combination of the C18 current doll models. Her face is cartoonish, since it was originally designed to be C18's "anime" doll, but she ended looking more similar to Jessica Rabbit than any Japanese anime girl.

"She looks cool, but what about sex?" Well, the guys at C18 made her for sex. She only has vaginal capability, but the tight entrance feels so lifelike, that the Kimberly will be your "call girl" for those lazy mornings when you wake with a stiff... neck. Like all C18 dolls, Kimberly has a foam core covered with a proprietary silicone / urethane blend, meaning she feels lifelike to the touch. Unlike her C18 sisters, Kimberly's eyes are painted with acrylic paint, so expect the eyes and makeup to peel or fade after a few months. Still, she is a perfect entry into any sex doll collection.

Doll #2: Custom Oral Mannequin with flexible plush body.

Sandra (C18 "Kimberly") and Monica (custom doll)
I don't know about you, but I LOVE blowjobs. Sloppy, wet blowjobs early in the morning had been my favorites - and something that barely happened in my life. I tried to replicate that experience with the dolls having oral capabilities (Alexa and Rosa), but still the experience fell short of realism due to the material of the dolls. So, I kept looking for a good "head" from a doll. Looking around, I found this silicone mannequin head designed for oral sex in e-Bay and went for it right away.

This head, sold exclusively in e-Bay by novelleco, solved my problem. This head is made of cured silicone and comes with her "eyes" closed and with full makeup from the seller. He also includes a removable silicone tongue and a wig with the purchase.

I have to say that since I received this mannequin, I have had the best head in a long time. That said, using just the head was not good enough - I needed a body for that head. I placed it first on the re-purposed Halloween dummy I mentioned in another post, but the head was too heavy for it. Looking on e-Bay, I found this flexible dummy auction which seemed perfect for my new custom girl. The dummy is a plush body,  about 5'7" with a heavy wire skeleton. It weights about 20 pounds and although it is NOT a love doll, it feels very similar to a Teddy Babe Deluxe at a fraction of the cost (about $140 including shipping). The hands are not flexible (and not too feminine), but I can live with them.

After a few minor modifications (such as adding a post to the head), now I have a new full size doll similar to the TBD but at a fifth of its price. Adding the cost of the oral head and the body, I spent $260 - way less than the $1,200 of the TBDs. Like Charlie Sheen says... WINNING!

Doll #3: Sophia's Inked Doll

Sophia's Inked doll (Photo:
This is a first one for me... Two weeks ago, a friend on  posted that Pink, a sex store in Canada had the Sophia's Inked inflatable doll for $48. This is an inflatable doll that usually has a price between $150 and $300 and it is a legendary doll for three reasons: 1) it has an attractive, realistic face, 2) it has a nice realistic body and 3) it has a good quality construction.

Although I am not a big fan of inflatable PVC dolls, this would be an exception. I had read so much about this doll, that I decided to take the plunge and buy one of these legendary ladies. After a few nights with "her" I understand why people like her so much. Sophia has nice proportions for an inflatable doll, with curves on the right places and three usable holes with added stimulation. All her holes are tight, so even with a small to average penis, she is hard to penetrate. So far, I had been able to fuck her sweet ass, since it is the widest entrance of the doll. Her vaginal insert has proven way too tight for me and I haven't even tried her mouth (it is even tighter than her vaginal insert). If you like inflatable dolls, go right now to and see if the sale is still valid. You won't regret buying her.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

RPP 3.0 #7: Sakura's Camel Toe (RPP #59)

Japanese companies are unique in the world. They develop the best sex toys around, but also they make the wackiest and craziest one in the market. The Sakura's Camel Toe is one of those toys that you do not know how to categorize. Brilliant? Crazy? Dumb? Waste of time? Hilarious? Innovative? Lets review this toy  and then we will try to find a word for it.

General Description
These are Love Pillows (if you didn't know)
The Sakura Camel Toe is what can be called a "specialty" masturbator toy. It is designed to be used with the insanely popular (at least in Japan) Love Pillows - air or cloth pillows having a graph of either a JAV Idol or an anime / hentai character. Some of them have a hole for the obvious, so TOMAX designed a toy to be placed on top of these pillows to improve the experience.

The Sakura Camel Toe gives also a deals with a common fetish - the camel toe. Seeing a vagina overstuffed into a pair of pants or panties is maybe one of the greatest turn-ons in modern times and this masturbator gives exactly that visual. It has a functional entry hole "hidden" between the puffy vaginal lips and this hole is textured for penetration - so grab your favorite love pillow and read the review to see if the Sakura is for you.


Sakura's Camel Toe (Photo:
You see the Sakura and it looks like one of those hip masturbators - but don't be fooled, the Sakura is small. It measures 5 inches by 5 inches in its widest parts and just 2 inches deep. Even with that small size, the Sakura is a fully functional masturbator - spread those meaty lips and you will find a textured hole with the typical nubs and choke points.

I don't have any "love pillow", so I used this masturbator tied to the body of my smallest doll "Sandra" (a C18 Kimberly). As both a hand held and hands free masturbator, this toy frustrated me to new levels. First, you need to be hard as a steel rod to penetrate the small hole between the lips. Second, if you are able to penetrate the camel toe, you have to be gentle... extremely gentle.

You see, even when you are able to fuck this puffy pussy, it is shallow. The material used by TOMAX is extremely resistant and elastic, but still you are afraid of perforating the toy in every stroke. That said, the feeling is good - once you get used to just push in the head of your penis - and the visual stimuli is insane. When you see your penis entering the small entrance it is by itself a big turn on, because no matter how small your penis is, it will look like a giant rod when going inside Sakura.

Once inside, the material is soft and feels great on the penis head, making you cum in a few minutes. Cleaning this toy was my third source of frustration. Whenever I came inside it, flushing it with water was annoying because water barely goes into it. Then drying was a nightmare - it takes forever to dry compared to other toys.

Still, the Sakura is an interesting toy. I enjoyed fingering it while fucking another toy and the way it looks under a pair of shorts is incredibly hot. The best way to use this toy? Put some tight pants on an inflatable doll and enjoy the visual (or fingering) while fucking another toy. Maybe a full hip...

Immediate Feedback: 3/5
Orgasm Buildup: 4/5
Realism: 3/5
Tightness: 3/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 3/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 2/5 

Value: Low
Preference: Low

Total score:  28 / 40

Sakura's Camel Toe is a nice visual toy, but as a masturbator it is almost useless for a Westerner. If you like to look camel toes, this is a toy for you, but only for looking or fingering it.

I used FleshLube Water as the lubricant for the sessions with the Sakura. No movies were used for this review.  

Next Stop: Work at Night.