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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lupe Fuentes and The Dark Side of Porn

Last week, the news that Lupe Fuentes (born Zuleidy Piedrahita) had been in connection with the corruption of a minor in Colombia exploded on the sex-related forums and blogs. Her products were tactically retired from vendors selling merchandise having her name. Her websites and social media accounts were shut down (at least for a few days - her last tweet was on March 20 and they were running when I wrote this post), and a lot of "fans" are now chastising her for recruiting young girls for porn.

Well, lets put the cards on the table. Lupe and her Spanish husband (ex-husband?) Pablo Lapiedra were connected to a video were a 16 years old Colombian girl from Medellin is performing under the false name of Estefania. This girl apparently appears in a total of 10 movies filmed in 2008 and she received a payment of 2,600 euros (or 6,855,900 Colombian Pesos at current exchange rate - 30 times the minimum salary in Colombia).

The connection to Lupe comes because some of the videos were distributed via websites under her birth name (, and that were registered under her name. Colombian authorities have declarations having Lupe as a "casting agent" going to high schools in the Medellin area to recruit "talents", and some of the videos show her "directing" and participating, therefore she has been accused by Colombian authorities on charges of prostitution and child pornography. According to LaPiedra's lawyer, there is only one accusation against his client in Colombia and he has requested not to be extradited to Colombia because he fears for his life. (Source:

Now, lets take off our masks...

Do you like teen porn? Well my dear friend, if you answered yes, you are guilty of child porn too.

Why? You'll say that you only download "legal" porn, that you NEVER would download or buy a porn movie were the talent is younger than 18 years old, that you... Sorry my friend, you are still guilty.

In the United States, porn is currently a mainstream industry. Porn actresses like Jenna Jameson and others had made mainstream movies and are seen in mainstream entertainment award shows and TV and radio  shows. We have even a widely publicized Adult Convention in Las Vegas every year! Porn is mainstream! But all that exposure is recent - it began in the late 1990's.

The porn industry in the US during the 1970s and 1980s was based on prostitution rings dominated by organized crime groups. Most adult movies made in those years were financed by the mob as a money laundering activity. They had prostitutes, took some for the movies, the rest would go on the streets. They owned (directly or indirectly) the women, the distribution channels, the adult movie theaters, and the sex / peep shows. Perfect business. If you wanted to be in the adult entertainment industry, you had to deal with them. That was true until 1994 when the Web as we know it surfaced. After that year, anyone with a camera, a computer, and an Internet connection could become an "adult star", giving birth to the early batch of Web  Stars such as Kat Young (one of those who looked as minors), Cassey, Raven Riley, Lia 19, and Kitty Yung (the Asian version of flat chested Lupe).

If you had ever being related to the prostitution "industry", you know the basics of the business: the younger the hoe, the more the dough. We like our bitches to be young, tender, and with tight holes, therefore, the younger the girl, the more she will cost. Prostitutes everywhere know that once they hit 30, their value goes down the drain. That rule applies to the porn industry and they know it. As close as year 2002, the laws requiring adult companies having the records proving that their talent was of legal age were basically ink on paper - nobody was really enforcing them.

Usually, porn casting directors would pick girls in legal age of consent (16  / 17 years old in most states), doctored their papers and filed them, just in case. Based on the physical appearance only, it is almost impossible to know if a girl in that age range has 16 or 19 years. Put some makeup on a 15 years old and you get a 20 years woman. One legendary case was Traci Lords, who admitted ,after retiring, that she made her first porn movie when she was 15 - lying to the casting managers, showing fake IDs that stated her age was 20. "Child pornography" as we called it now, was rampant in the US porn industry until just 8 years ago and I am talking about "legal" porn here.

The case of Lupe in Colombia just brings back to light that dark side of porn that the younger generation (those of you in your 20's) didn't know.

I believe Lupe herself started to pose nude before her 18th birthday. I remember seeing some photos of her before I moved to the US (six years ago). If the data shown in Internet websites about her being born in 1987 is true, then the photos I saw of her 7 years ago (way before she got her fake melons) were taken when she was 16 or 17. At 19, she was already a veteran in Spain (using her real name), so you can think she had filmed "underground" videos earlier. She even admitted in interviews in Spain (back in 2006) that she knew her major attractive was, surprise, surprise, that she looked 15. The reasons for the big fake melons? Moving to the US and becoming Lupe Fuentes, she realized that she could get her website members in trouble since she looked as a minor involved in sexual activities (something considered as child porn in the US even if the talent is of legal age).

I will suggest the younger kids that write in the different forums to understand something before commenting: getting minors in porn is illegal (no excuse there), but is a common practice even in the USA. Fucking a tight, inexperienced girl is the fantasy of any hot blooded male - that's why we have the trends of shaved pussies, schoolgirls, and pigtails all over porn. The smaller the girl, the bigger our dicks look and the manlier we feel. Is simple primal feeling - we want to be the first, the one who takes the prize, the best one.

Another thing you must remember - this happened outside the USA. In the USA, the minimum age of sexual consent is usually 16 years old. In Colombia that age is 14 (and it was 12 about ten years ago). In a country were jobs are scarce, the salaries are extremely low, and there is a major disparity in income, prostitution has become commonplace. Girls as young as 14 are selling themselves on the streets for 200,000 Colombian Pesos (about US $106 at current rate). A virgin will cost you a million pesos or just US $550. In Colombia about 25,000 minors are involved in prostitution and about 35% of them are in Medellin, were the investigation took place. This girl received US $3,700 as payment - sorry, but she was not a poor, innocent girl. She was already a professional and the fact that the investigation began because someone saw her movie and recognized her tells me she was used to sell herself. Factor in the political climate in Colombia and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'll be following up this story because honestly, there is something strange here and is not related to the minor...

Whenever we consume porn, no matter from what country, we are contributing to a series of events. I am the last person to say "Don't watch porn!" because I love seeing a woman being fucked silly, but I will tell you to be aware of its Dark Side. If you are not willing to accept the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen...

The RP Project #29: Kosaka Meguru Meiki Clone

This is the last entry for the original Rubber Pussy Project - future reviews are going to be done in a slightly different way - so let's go straight to it and finish this thing...

First Impressions:
 I bought the Meguru as an entry way to the Meiki style of fake pussies. I said to myself that if I didn't like it, no big deal, since it is a relatively inexpensive toy (around $30). Visually, the Meguru is not attractive at all - a small hole in the center of a puffy entrance. What got my attention to buy this onahole was its interior texture. It looked very "organic" (not to say "realistic" because I'm not too interested in seeing the interior of a vagina) and very appropriate for those long sessions I love.

Kosaka Meguru meiki clone (Photo: Kanojo Toys)
I have to say that the packaging is as discrete as a punch in the face with a brick. It is telling you "You are going to fuck THIS woman's pussy, so enjoy!" I have no idea what the package says in Japanese, but with Kosaka Meguru's pictures all over the box, I guess I did a good translation.

Intensity (3/5)
At entry, the Meguru is not too intense. In fact, the best description of the feeling is "soft and buttery". You don't feel anything restricting you, just a slight caress all around your penis. As you use it, lube gets distributed evenly, and it is then when the internal structure of the onahole becomes alive. You feel the curvy interior doing the magic, slowly but steady. Orgasms with the Meguru are satisfactory, but they are not explosive or eye rolling - they are good, but not exceptional.

Tightness (3/5)
This meiki seems to be very tight at first impressions, but once penetrated, it accommodates like a glove to your penis. The material is so soft and elastic, that sometimes it feels like you have nothing around your penis. Is only when you are near orgasm when the sleeve feels like hugging your head and shaft. Before that, is a soft caress. 

Realism (5/5)
This is were meikis tend to shine, and for an economic toy, the Meguru excels in the reality department. The internal structures replicate the ones in a real life pussy, so it does feel closely to the real thing. Combine it with a sticky lube ( I used xantham gum in a "heavy mix") and you will swear you are fucking a real woman.

Versatility (4/5)
Using the Meguru as a stroker was not great. Since the material is so soft, I tended to squeeze the sleeve to feel the texture while stroking, something I did not want to do. Hands free operation with the regular folded pillow method improved the experience, but using it as the insert for my Love Venus gave it a new meaning. Using it as an insert for the doll made the Meguru tighter and 20 times more enjoyable than using it as a stroker. Verdict: Good for hands free sessions, so-so for stroking.

Lubricant use (5/5)

Due to its size and soft material, the Meguru doesn't require much lube during use. Even sessions longer than 30 minutes didn't require additional lube. 

Use (5/5)
I didn't have any issue with the Meguru. 

Hygiene (4/5)
Like most onaholes, cleaning the Meguru can be tricky, requiring sometimes to stick your finger inside to clean any semen residue.

Drying (4/5)
Good thing about the Meguru is that you can dry its interior with a rolled paper towel and then leave the onahole to dry on open air overnight. Usually completely dry when you check the interior the next morning.

No special maintenance required so far besides a regular corn starching when stored for a few weeks.

Tear and wear
No noticeable tear and wear on the Meguru after almost a year of use.

Total score: 43 / 50

Based on the score, the Meguru is a slightly above average toy. When you factor that it is an inexpensive imported toy, then its general value increases. I would recommend the Meguru to anyone wanting to try a meiki style toy but has a limited budget. It is a perfect introduction to meikis and the delicate and realistic sensations they provide.

For this review, I watched a few clips from and For long, slow sessions there is nothing better that watching a woman using her fingers to arrive to orgasm.

This is Kosaka Meguru and I fucked that pussy...

Next stop: The Rubber Pussy Project V 2.0

Monday, March 14, 2011

The RP Project #27and #28: Sukit Draft SIAC (Mini Swallow) and Misty Stone's Swallow FLG

This will be a double post to review and compare two related textures, the Fleshlight Girls Swallow and its petite sister the Sukit Draft SIAC. Both are "realistic" textures offered by ILF to simulate oral sex including the sensation of a deep throat session. How well they do it? Let's see...

First Impressions:
The Swallow was originally a FleshJack texture (the ILF division dedicated to the gay community) and after much pleading from the straight forum members, ILF added it to the FLG offerings and made the mini version after complaints of shorter guys (like me) that couldn't reach the UT section of the regular size Swallow.
Swallow texture (Photo: ILF)
Both the Swallow and the mini Swallow are a combination of bumps at the entrance to simulate teeth, a SR section to simulate the tongue, an array of larger bumps (simulating the back of the mouth?) followed by an Ultra Tight section to simulate the deep throat feeling. The difference between both versions is the scale of the texture, with the mini being shorter and narrower by about a 25%.

Sukit Draft SIAC (Photo ILF)
The orifices are pretty interesting. The Sukit has a generic petite mouth similar to the one on the discontinued Abbey's Secret Ale - not extremely sexy, but sexier than the generic "Jabba" version of the full size Fleshlight. The full size Swallow is available with various molds (the original Visconti on the FleshJack and the mouths of Jenna Haze, Misty Stone, Lupe Fuentes, and Stoya on the FLG side), with Misty's mouth being one of the sexiest of all. Knowing how intense the SR is, I expected to be on a wild ride as soon I saw that texture.
Since this is the first double review I had done, I will refer first to the Sukit, then to the Swallow.

Intensity (5 / 5) | (4/5)
As all SIACs, the Sukit is tight. Add the intensity expected of any sleeve with a Supper Ribbed texture and the typical tightness of the Ultra Tight and you have a non-stop ticket to the heavens. The Sukit makes itself present immediately with its tightness and as you stroke, then you feel the details of the "teeth" and of course, the ribs. Orgasm builds up pretty quick, but then the Sukit keeps you on the edge for a while before simply making you explode.

The full size Swallow is slightly less intense than the Sukit, but be prepared for another trip to the heavens. The full size sleeve is wider, so the textures are not that impressive - but that makes it more pleasurable. In my case, I only reach the large bump area (the back of the mouth), but that gives the Swallow a good balance of intensity and pleasure. Orgasms in the full size Swallow build slower than with the Sukit, but they are powerful as with its smaller sister.
Tightness (5/5) | (4/5)
The Sukit is a SIAC - enough said. The Swallow is based on a 1/2 inch diameter canal, so the Swallow is not too tight. If you have a penis about 3 - 5 inches of girth you should feel it right, if wider, it can be slightly tight.
Realism (4/5) | (4/5)
Both the Sukit and the Swallow feel pretty close to a real blowjob, missing only the tongue action to achieve full realism. The Sukit's tightness and suction are great, but I still haven't found any woman that sucks that hard. With enough lube, both sleeves feel like a wet, nice blowjob given by a woman with average oral sex experience.      

Versatility (4/5) | (4/5)
These sleeves have the peculiarity that being mouth molds, they are not easily used on a hands free method like the one I use. Maybe using another hands free method like using a Spingasm could make this sleeve more versatile, but still a great experience.   

Lubricant use (5/5) |
Both Sukit and Swallow retain lube nicely, not requiring additional lubing for "longer" sessions.
Use (5/5) | (5/5)
I didn't have any issue while reviewing these sleeves, although the Sukit, as any SIAC requires to start slowly to set the desired amount of suction. 

Hygiene (5/5) | (5 / 5)
Like all Fleshlights, you only need to flush both sleeves with running water.

Drying (4/5) | (4/5)
Both Sukit and Swallow dry pretty well for a sleeve with the Ultra Tight texture at the end. After 24 hours, both sleeves are dry using the hanging method.

(5/5) | (5 / 5)
No special maintenance required so far besides a regular corn starching when stored for a few weeks.

Tear and wear
(5/5) | (5/5)
No noticeable tear and wear on the Destroya after use.

Total score Sukit: 47 / 50
Total score Swallow: 45 / 50

Based on the score, the Sukit is an obvious winner. Intense, tight, and pleasurable, the Sukit is a must have toy especially if your penis is shorter than 7 inches. The Swallow is not a bad sleeve - it is a pleasurable sleeve that develops intense orgasms, but the need of a long penis to enjoy the full effect make it to loose points on my book.

For this review, I finished watching She's So Cute and followed with Big Dicks Glory Holes #6. I don't know about other people, but I find glory holes extremely sexy. The thought of an attractive woman sucking my dick thru a hole in a wall without her knowing who she is sucking makes me feel horny as hell.

And if she is Misty Stone... even better!

Next stop: Meiki Clone Meguru

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review: Cobra Libre

One of my latest purchases was the now infamous Cobra Libre, a male vibrator made in Germany by Fun Factory. Unlike all other vibrating toys like the Fleshlight Vibro, the Cobra Libre only uses vibration to stimulate the penis' head - you cannot fuck this toy, just let it take you to the finish line... if you can.

The Good...
To say it in one word, the Cobra is simply unique. No change for thrusting, that means the toy must stimulate only by its vibrations and it does a great job on that. The Cobra has more than 30 different speeds / vibration patterns, giving your penis a massage fit for a king. The toy can be used hands free by placing it on your belly (if you point upwards) or in other suitable surface for an experience that borderlines on the mystic. The orgasms achieved with the Cobra Libre are powerful and extremely pleasurable.

Talking about orgasms, be ready for a long - and I mean long - ride. The Cobra gets you hard as steel in minutes, but it does not make you cum that fast. It keeps you on the edge for minutes that seems forever. Given a battery life that last for about 90 minutes after fully charged (used at higher speeds), the Cobra will build a powerful orgasm that will take at least 20 minutes to explode. During that time, you will squirm and twist like a baby, desiring a release that seems to be imminent, but stays right on the edge.

Cleaning the Cobra Libre is extremely easy. The case is waterproof, so you can wash the whole toy under the faucet (or use it on the shower) without problems.  If you don't want to wash the whole toy, a damp cloth or anti-bacterial towelette wipe inside the silicone opening is enough to clean the toy and let it be ready for the next use. Once clean, the Cobra Libre is easy to charge using its magnetic "Click 'n' Play" system. A few hours of charging and you are ready to "vroom - vroom" again.

The Bad...
One bad thing about of the Cobra Libre is precisely that slow build up. In the five times I used it before writing this review, I was able to cum only twice with the Cobra - the other three times, I could not wait for hands free release and used either another toy or my hand to finish with explosive loads. Vibrations and the slow build up are not for everybody or for every occasion, so I could say the Cobra is not an every day toy.

Another bad thing about the Cobra is how temperamental the controls are. While using it, you just need to pass your finger above the controls to speed up (or down) the vibrations, but that ease becomes a liability when you are on the edge and want to increase the speed or change the pattern to a faster one - and you end slowing down or even turning the Cobra off. That is a big, big problem when you feel almost like cumming and you just need a little bit more speed.

The Ugly...
One thing that really pissed me off about the Cobra was the auto shut down after about 10 minutes. Yes, it turns itself off by itself. It took me three sessions to realize that the Cobra requires you to press the buttons regularly to avoid the auto shutdown. Also, when using the Cobra, have a towel ready to clean up. This masturbator doesn't have a semen depository - the space is rather small - and depending on your penis size and the strength and quantity of your ejaculation, crossing the finish line with this toy can be extremely messy.

The Verdict
Want something different? The Cobra is the right thing to have. If you have the patience and the concentration to endure being on the edge for more than 5 minutes, then get ready for a great session. If not, the Cobra is still a good toy for heating things up and getting your little friend ready for a second (or third) round of play with your partner.