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Sunday, April 3, 2011

RPP 2.0: #1 - Clone Meiki Mint Suzuki (RPP #30)


My first impressions on the Mint Suzuki were that it would feel great but that the damn thing was too sticky. In practice, once lubed the stickiness was not a factor - and it felt great while it lasted...
As its package states, "This hole is dangerous". It is. I was able to use it in three different occasions, all of them hands free sessions with the Mint securely placed in the Love Venus R orifice and all of them were good sessions. This toy is snug, but not too tight. Once you enter the onahole, the intricate texture makes itself present in a subtle way - you notice it, but it doesn't overwhelm you. The feelings stay on a comfortable level until 10 to 15 minutes into the session, when you begin to feel the desire of cumming. The orgasms built slowly but I could feel they were going to be long and strong - and they were. Each one of the orgasms left me panting and in a bliss state similar to after having good sex with a real woman.
Cleaning was relatively easy - flush some water in the interior, scoop any excess of lube / semen from the inside with one finger, rinse with water as needed, pat dry and let air dry for a few hours. The fact that the Mint is clear made cleaning (and spotting any residue in the interior) a breeze.
My major complaint with the Mint Suzuki is its durability. I could only use this toy for three sessions before it tore at the entrance. The tearing began at the first complete session and by the third, the Mint was tore down to its middle making it unusable. I had to throw the Mint to the garbage after the third session, wasting what promised to be a great toy. Too bad that such a good toy was so fragile!

Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 5/5
Tightness: 4/5
Tear and Wear: 2/5 (Tore after only 3 sessions)
Hygiene: 3/5
Maintenance: 2/5
Use: 4/5 (Stickiness while dry was a hassle)

Value: Low  I expected more than 3 sessions from a $30 toy.
Preference: Medium Since the sleeve is so sticky, I wouldn't placed the Mint in my favorites.

Total score: 29 / 40 

FYI: No porn was used during this review.

Next Stop: Innocent Younger Sister

The Rubber Pussy Project 2.0

When I was almost finishing the Original Rubber Pussy Project (or RPP 1.0), I realized that the ranking method although comprehensive, was too damn long. Writing each review took me forever and after all, most of the scores were really close. Since I have another batch of toys to review (Black Friday and Christmas sales were too good to pass), I decided to modify the review format and in some ways the review methodology.

Review Methodology

  • Each toy reviewed will be used for five times on a row before being evaluated. Two of the times will be using the toy as a stroker, the other three will be hands-free sessions if possible.
  • Each one of the five sessions must culminate in ejaculation.
  • If the toy fits the hole of the Love Venus R, the doll will be used for the hands-free sessions. If the toy is too big / small, then the usual body pillow method used in the Original RPP will be used.
  • Sessions will last as much as they last. No minimum duration will be required.
  • Like in the RPP 1.0, the lube of choice will be xantham gum.
  • Like in the RPP 1.0, there will be a 12 hours period between sessions and a 24 hours period between toys.
  • Like in the RPP 1.0, porn can be used during the review sessions. No additional toy such as prostate massagers, vibrators, or "cock rings"  will be used during reviewing sessions.
The reviews will look differently, with a shorter narrative reviewing the toy and then the scores on the same 5 point scale in the following categories: Immediate Feedback, Orgasm Buildup, Realism, Tightness, Tear and Wear, Maintenance, Hygiene, and Use. There will be two "tie-breakers": Value, which will consider the price level of the toy (do you prefer a $90 "meh" toy or 6 "good" $15 toys? I prefer the 6 good cheap ones...), and Preference which will place a score on the general experience with the toy and how high is the chance of me going back to it just for fun.

As always, I'll include some info on any "inspirational material" I use during sessions.

The toys to be reviewed:
  1. Suzuki Mint (JAP)
  2. Innocent Younger Sister (JAP)
  3. Clone Meiki Tsubomi (JAP)
  4. Brent Corrigan's Bliss FJB (US)
  5. 17 Evo (JAP)
  6. Peach Pie (JAP)
  7. Tori Black's Torrid FLG (US)
  8. S-IX - N (JAP)
  9. S-IX - R (JAP)
  10. G-Channel (JAP)
  11. Tera Patrick's Twista FLG (US)
  12. Love Shake Real (JAP)
  13. Love Shake Function (JAP)
  14. Sexy School Bundle - Honoka (JAP)
  15. Brent Everett's Ectasy  FJB (US)
  16. Sexy School Bundle - Aina (JAP)
  17. Sexy School Bundle - Lilia (JAP)
  18. Meiki Sister: Virgin (KOR)
  19. Ice Crystal FL (US)
  20. Meiki Sister: Nympho (KOR)
  21. Meiki Sister: Mature (KOR)
  22. Fleshlight Pure (US)
First stop: Mint Suzuki