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List: Top INTENSE Toys

Personally, I like toys that are more realistic or that give soft stimulation - after all, I want to take my sweet time to build an explosive orgasm. But sometimes, I want something intense, similar to rough sex. So which ones are the toys I go to? Let me tell you...

TOP 10 INTENSE TOYS (in no particular order)
Honorable Mentions
 Again, this list is based in toys I have reviewed for the blog and it is a VERY, VERY subjective list. It is my personal opinion, so follow at your own risk...

If you find another intense toy, just post a comment naming it. Maybe I feel like trying it and include it in future reviews!

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  1. Hi Casquetero, I was planning to buy a Fleshlight but then I discovered Japanese onaholes and have been reading about them. Many of the onahole fans believe onaholes are far superior to Fleshlights, going as far to say Fleshlights are trash and outdated. I was wondering what your opinion is on onaholes vs. Fleshlights. Thanks.


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