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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

So, we drank, celebrated until dawn , and we woke the next day with the worst hangover of our lives - ready to write down our resolutions for the year that just begun.

Being the character that I am, I have a few resolutions different from the fat guy wearing the mask - I'm The Casquetero damn it! - and these are MY resolutions for this year...

  1. Organize the hundreds of rubber pussies, asses,mouths, dolls and assorted body parts lying around the apartment. This apartment looks like a bloody war zone where porn stars had been torn to pieces. There are Japanese pussies over the table, a bunch of Fleshlights over the desk, a doll with a dangling insert seated on a chair... a total disaster zone!
  2. Do 100 reviews. I had never done it, but 2015 is the Year of the Casqueta and I plan to break my record of reviews. Not 100 posts in the blog... 100 REVIEWS!
  3. Make 25 videos. The plan for this year is to post 25 videos on my YouTube channel - reviews, rants, whatever...
  4. Get out there. Last year I went for the first time to an adult expo - and I liked it! (Who could not like seeing ladies like Tanya Tate, Tori Black, Kristina Rose, Tera Patrick, and others in the flesh... with those tight dresses... those shorts... those thongs...) This year I plan to go to more of those events - given I don't go broke!
  5. Go beyond the rubber pussies and the dolls. This year I have decided to explore a few fetishes I found interesting. Electric masturbation, yiffing (hey, I already fucked a mare and a dragon last year), plush loving, shibari ( a.k.a. Japanese rope bondage), and a few others. I already had begun to get involved with some of these, but never shared my interest with you guys. This year I will.
  6. Continue with the reviews you guys enjoy! Of course I will continue giving you the reviews on all the rubber pussies, dolls, and other toys I find on my way, so stay around for them... 
Well, those are my resolutions for 2015! Stay tuned for the new posts... but now I need to sleep... I'm still feeling the hangover...


  1. Thanks to you for this blog. Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. Looking forward to your reviews of electric toys! Thank you!


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